4 Reasons to Invest in Your Instagram Account


When social media first came to be, it was a place for people to connect and reconnect. However, business transactions conducted on social media gave it new meaning. It became a place where entrepreneurs had direct contact with clients. Business transactions increased even more through Instagram. It is now one of the marketing venues for businesses and investment is vital if one is to reap from increased visibility. You will get more people to notice your posts when you get Instagram likes.

Instagram has many active users

People love images, and Instagram gave millions of people the opportunity to see and even exchange some of their favorite photos. Instagram has over 800 million active users. Over 500 million users visit the platform daily. Imagine your product being seen by this many people? No marketing strategy can get you this much visibility almost at once. Even people in your locality are more likely to be drawn to your online products than if you had marketed it using a different method.


Instagram gives you room to be creative

Online marketing has very few rules. You get to be as creative as you would wish. Instagram users are not bothered by how formal or informal you are. What is important is for you to appeal to your target group. Some of the marketing strategies you use on Instagram may not be applicable when you are using mainstream media as a channel of advertising.

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The size of your business does not matter

Startups tend to worry about marketing and its costs. Entrepreneurs always wonder if the marketing strategy is too small to have an impact. Instagram has open doors for businesses of all sizes. Even if your business is still unknown, you have the opportunity to show Instagram users what you do without feeling inadequate. Instagram is a level field for businesses of all sizes. All companies have an equal chance of thriving. How one attracts an audience is what will separate one business from the next.


Instagram gives a face to your business

Clients want to feel the human side of businesses. They are tired of dealing with faceless corporations. When they interact with representatives of companies on Instagram, they feel they are getting personalized attention. This is why sales on Instagram have been growing over the years. Buyers believe the words of a representative over an advert they cannot interact with. When you promote your business on Instagram, you get to engage with your existing and potential clients. Satisfied clients become your loyal ambassadors who vouch for your product or service. This referral from someone they can discuss with means a lot to most clients who would like to try out your product.

If you do not have an Instagram to sell your brand, you are doing yourself and your business a disservice. Today, all business use whichever means that is readily available to sell their products. If you are still contemplating if Instagram is a worthwhile venture, you need to remember your competitors are there selling their products. For you to catch up, you need to be where the clients are.

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