4 Reasons You NEED to Consider Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation

As the world of business evolves, brands must follow suit or get left behind. By implementing marketing automation, smaller businesses gain the ability to compete in a larger arena and capture a larger percentage of consumers.

There are several reasons to use marketing automation beyond the ability to compete at a larger stage. Keep reading to learn five reasons you should consider marketing automation for your business.


  1. Save Time 

If marketing automation is right for a business, Sharpspring can help. However, getting to know the benefits is the first step.

With marketing automation, brands can save time and money. For example, it can increase the reply rate by almost 250 percent when outreach efforts and follow-ups are automated. When social posts and ads are automated, it can save team members up to six hours per week.

With automation, there’s no need to arrive at work each morning and dive into the tool used for scheduling posts on social media or send out one-off emails. Marketing automation makes it possible to schedule everything ahead of time.


  1. Avoid Wasting Time with Poor Leads 

Leads are acquired from many sources. Social media, Google AdWords, website SEO, email marketing, traditional advertising, networking events, trade shows, and other channels help generate leads for a sales funnel. Unfortunately, most of these leads will not be a good fit for the business. The lead may not even be interested in the services or products offered.

Top marketing automation tools offer lead scoring systems. This tool scores each lead in a company’s contact database based on pre-set demographic specifics or brand engagement. With this information, the sales team can prioritize follow-ups based on the best leads who are the right fit for the services and products offered.


  1. Improve Efficiency 

With traditional marketing tactics, sales staff must make frequent phone calls and visit with clients to ensure business success. Marketing automation makes this more efficient.

After customers complete a purchase, they are added to the “customers” list. When an inquiry is made through the brand’s website, the information is added to the “lead” list.

The automation system gathers information about contacts, creating a workflow that triggers specific actions at certain times. This allows businesses to deliver automatic communications that seem customized. By automating the repetitive sales operations process, it’s possible to reduce costs and time related to finding and nurturing new leads.


  1. Eliminate the Need to Hire New Sales Staff

 Even though new customers and existing ones require a human touch at specific points, most lead nurturing can occur through automated marketing. It’s not only emails that can be automated. Some apps can mail cards or gifts on behalf of a business based on specific automation triggers.

With automation, sales reps only spend time with sales-ready leads and oversee a shorter cycle between opportunity and the closed won or lost status. This helps to eliminate the need for additional sales staff, saving the company even more.


Is Marketing Automation the Right Solution?

 For most companies, marketing automation makes sense. It is up to owners and managers to determine if this is something that may benefit their business. In most cases, it’s going to enhance marketing efforts, save time, reduce costs, and make it easier to convert leads.

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