4 Recognizable Car Models Hollywood Helped Make Famous

Hollywood movies have featured a lot of incredible cars over the years, and there is no doubt that the exposure skyrocketed these cars into popularity all across the world. The following list is the top four cars that you can’t help but think of the movie they are associated with when you see them. While these certainly aren’t the only cars to ever be featured on the big screen, they are certainly some of the most iconic.

1. The Delorean

Famous movie cars

Anyone who has seen the Back to the Future movies will instantly recognize a Delorean on the street as the time machine that Micheal J Fox and Doc used to travel to the 1950s, the old west and even the future. Even those who haven’t seen the movie have likely heard of the car through other pop culture references and are probably aware of what happens when that car hits 88 miles per hour.

2. The Mini Cooper

Famous movie cars

In both the original Italian Job and the more recent remake, the Mini Cooper was featured heavily due to its powerful engine despite its small size. From Charlize Theron sexily whipping the car into a too-small parallel parking space, to the epic chase at the end of the movie, the Mini Cooper certainly gets plenty of screen time.

3. The Aston Martin

Famous movie cars

Everyone knows that while James Bond switched to BMWs for a few years, his ultimate automotive love is the Aston Martin. While he’s driven everything from a classic DB5 to the powerfully sexy V12 Vanquish over the years, the entire Aston Martin brand is somewhat synonymous with the James Bond name. If Bond did go back to the Beemers, he could always hide out at a shop for BMW repair in Austin, TX until the heat blows over.

4. The Ferrari 250 GT California

Famous movie cars

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off would have been nowhere near as incredible had he not had this iconic red Ferrari to drive around in. While the Ferrari doesn’t double as a time machine, getaway vehicle or spy car, it definitely remained iconic for a long time after the movie was released, and has long been associated with the film.

There you have it, four cars that were made even more popular than they would have been already thanks to their inclusion in some of the greatest movies in history. While at least one of these cars is easy to get your hands on, the others have become collector’s items. Like Herbie the Lovebug, for instance, a classic Volkswagen beetle kicked off a nation-wide love affair with the bug.

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