4 Revolting GHOSTBUSTERS Themed Food

Revolting GHOSTBUSTERS Themed Food (4)

To celebrate the upcoming new Ghostbusters movie, the Japanese restaurant chain J.S. Burgers Cafe has put a special menu together with Ghostbusters-themed food, and they look as revolting as the upcoming movie. I have no idea why people want to eat food which looks like movies! What is the satisfaction in that?


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The menu includes the G.B. Burger, which includes hamburger, purple cabbage, a black olive, and anchovy paste. Then there’s the Marshmallow Mad Burger, which features roasted marshmallows stuffed with Oreos with a red jam-like goo dripping from the top. They also have the Slimer Smoothie, which is a kiwi-flavored drink topped with burger-shaped candy and the Black Chili Chips. Wait, I am gonna puke before post any photos in this post.

4 Revolting GHOSTBUSTERS Themed Food 4 Revolting GHOSTBUSTERS Themed Food 4 Revolting GHOSTBUSTERS Themed Food

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