4 Sleep-Inducing Gadgets

Smart earplugs

Although the benefits of a good night’s sleep have been no secret, in recent years there has been a lot more awareness created around the effects of sleep deprivation on health. Without being too alarming, sleep loss can make you more susceptible to a large number of things such as heart problems, diabetes, depression, and weight gain.

Luckily for sleep-lovers, in this day and age, there are more and more gadgets, apps, and products to help make your life easier. Aside from taking the obvious steps – choosing a mattress from a reputable manufacturer, exercising frequently and eating healthy food – there are of course some quirky gadgets that you can rely on to ensure you are well rested, healthy and performing at your best. Here’s a pick of some of the best.

Smart earplugs

In case it is external noises that are affecting your quality of sleep, sometimes regular earplugs just aren’t enough. It is for this exact purpose that smart earplugs were invented. These earplugs play soothing sounds while you’re asleep, and most of them also offer an alarm service and a simple charging device. The noises that you can choose from are mostly rivers, wind, rain, or nature. This is a great gadget for those that have difficulties zoning out.

Snoring prevention

There is finally something on the market that claims to stop snoring and this is called the Smart Nora. It takes the form of a flat sheet you can place under your pillow and a small, compact device for your bedside table. Once it detects snoring sounds, the pillow sheet will expand and subsequently move the position of your head, therefore gently bringing your snoring to an end. The great thing about this is that it does not disturb your sleep in any way.

Natural light alarm clocks

There is nothing like an overbearing alarm clock to wake you up and make you feel angry with the world. Since the beginning of time, one of the most natural ways to wake up has been with the sun. It is, therefore, no wonder that natural light alarm clocks have been invented. What most of these do is slowly emit a light that is reminiscent of sunlight. Most of these have a built-in alarm bell that usually has quite a decent alarm sound to make that wake-up even more gradual.

Breathing exercises

A gadget that hasn’t been on the market for so long, is the 2breathe waistband that can be synced with your smartphone. It is a breathing monitor used for the time spent trying to get to sleep. It translates your breathing into tones and then produces a tonal rhythm at a pace that should induce sleep if you match it. This gadget provides a more meditative approach to sleeping.

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