4 Things That Make Benedict Cumberbatch Different As Sherlock Holmes In Sherlock


Not only Sherlock has a fan base but the different ages that make up the fans is truly remarkable. Usually one would expect adults to watch a crime drama series since there are some contents that are not suited for the younger generation. Well, that’s all changed. This is the 21st century where the children have learned to adapt. The “viewer discretion” means nothing to teenagers anymore. They have a feeling that some scenes are cut off or not shown on national television, so they download the series via websites. Preferably guidance for youngsters is a must. Majority of the viewers can handle the graphic images. The following are some of the reasons about why this show is so different…


The Modern Version of Sherlock Holmes

Compare it to the last century of Sherlock Holmes you will definitely find the current version way more interesting, not only because of the modern era but also that the producers of the series have tried their best to make it fast and entertaining. Sherlock Drama fans that mostly read the novels first will prefer the TV show. Hence, the massive feedback of positive reviews. The newer version has all the factors that make the new generation get more attracted to it. It’s the same story of Sir Arthur Doyle but presented in a new twist. A thrilling experience.

Sherlock Special

Brilliant Role-play

The main attraction, that comes to everyone’s eyes is the how good the actors are. Where Sherlock is concerned, the accolades speak for themselves. Having bagged awards at huge award shows can prove their acting or scriptwriting. Cumberbatch is the standout actor from the series. He has played Sherlock’s character in the most perfect of ways. He suits the role. He possesses all those qualities and details that Sherlock has. So, from the screenplay to the actors, this series couldn’t have been more perfect.


First-hand Experience of Cases

This is where it gets a bit of biased. The graphics on the cases or scenes in the series are not meant for the fainthearted. This is the reason why children below the age of 10 or whoever cannot bear to watch the images shouldn’t watch the complete series. That’s where the TV series comes in. The scenes are cut and only those which are watchable, are premiered. But those who prefer watching every single detail i.e. the die-hard fans can get the real experience of the criminal cases. There are some scenes that are adult content. Well, these things show what all goes on and not every case has the same plot. Graphical, censored but yet exciting.


Making Boring Nights Exciting

Coming home from a tiring day at work or had a bad day, this show is your dose. The humor and suspense of the drama series are sure to keep your eyes locked to the screen. You wouldn’t want to miss even a single minute of the program. It’s that interesting. Adding the humor of Sherlock and his partner is sure to keep you entertained throughout the entire episode, making you want more. When you hear the name Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock Holmes, the first thing that will come to your mind is an absolute amusement to make your boring nights, a pleasant one.

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So if you have any doubts about whether this is going to be another one of those typical crime series where there just have an interesting storyline then think again. This guarantees you every minute of your time to never be wasted. This show is going to put a smile on your face as well as give you something to think about the next case.


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