4 Tips on Choosing the Best Mattress for a Healthy and Safe Pregnancy

 Orthopedic Mattress

According to studies published by experts, insufficient sleep can even make labor extended and make normal deliveries difficult.

During the period of pregnancy, your body undergoes various changes that require you to constantly make changes and form new habits.

A good mattress can make it easier to deal with these changes more comfortably. Some common sleep problems that pregnant women can overcome with a good quality mattress:


Body Pain and Discomfort

As the body grows with the child, the extra weight creates a lot of additional pressure that is often felt the most when you try to sleep. By providing firm support, a good mattress can deliver the needed comfort and help to alleviate the pain.

Backaches that are typical of pregnancies can be reduced to a great extent by using a mattress that keeps your spine aligned properly and absorbs the extra pressure at the pain points.

To find the best mattress that can make your pregnancy more comfortable read up on real mattress reviews online.

Body Heat

Production of excessive body heat is common during pregnancy and this can make it difficult for you to get sleep.

By sleeping on a good mattress that has the capability of absorbing and dissipating body heat, you will be able to achieve the deep sleep that is required for proper rest and rejuvenation.

Advancements in technology have enabled mattresses to incorporate cooling layers or covers that can keep the body cool while allowing it to breathe naturally.

Fabrics with superior wicking properties are commonly used to allow the body to remain comfortably dry permitting a better quality of sleep.

Motion Isolation

When you are pregnant you tend to sleep lightly and it is quite possible for you to be woken up by any movement of your partner if your mattress cannot isolate the motion.

Many modern mattresses now incorporate motion isolation properties which means that no movement of your partner will have any impact on your side of the mattress and neither will your own movements during the night disturb the sleep of your partner.

This is especially handy because when you are pregnant, you will invariably be seeking a more comfortable sleeping position and even getting up frequently to urinate.


Adaptability to Different Sleeping Positions

When you are pregnant, it can be difficult for you to sleep in one position for a long time so you need a mattress that can give you the necessary support in all positions.

During the first trimester, it is better to sleep on your back while during the rest of the period switching to the sides may be more comfortable. A memory foam mattress that provides proper support to the body.

Even as it shifts positions can help a lot, especially when used along with body pillows and head pillows that deliver adequate ventilation and support.

Pregnancy involves a constant demand on the body to change and accept the many developments within the body. While getting adequate sleep can be difficult, it can help to have a mattress that provides adequate support and comfort while isolating you and your partner from each other movements.

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