4 Tips To Customizing A Vinyl Decal

Customized vinyl decals are the perfect way to decorate your home, retail space or vehicle. You can also use customized vinyl decals to make impressive color logos and outstanding business messages. When applying customized decals, remember to exercise patience and pay attention to detail to ensure that your end result looks great.

Here are 4 great tips to customizing a vinyl decal.

  1. Choose The Right Vinyl Decal

Vinyl decals are great for almost everything. Their versatility and waterproof nature make them great for the outdoors, car bumpers and windows. When customizing your decal, it is important to choose the right one. Remember, decals are transferred directly onto surfaces once the backing is removed, thus it is very important to consider the elements.

If you intend to place your decal on a surface that is often exposed to water or moisture, then it is advisable to choose a high quality, weather resistant vinyl with durable UV resistant ink. If you wish to place your decal on a tinted window, ensure that you pick the right color for visibility.

  1. Clean The Surface Before Applying Any Decal

Once you have identified the area where you intend to place your decal, ensure that the area is clean. You can use soap, water, and alcohol to clean the surface. Alternatively, you can wipe using a soft cloth and a mild cleaner to make the surface clean.

Do not use spray-on cleaners as they can leave a residue that can prevent your decal from sticking properly. Do not apply your decal on a dirty surface as it will pick all the dirt and grime making it unappealing. Once the area is clean allow it to dry completely before proceeding with the installation.

  1. Position The Vinyl

Take your time to look at the detail areas of your decal. You will need to place them strategically on your surface. Check if your decal will fit on your surface. You can use a tape to hold it onto the surface and step back to get a feel of how it looks.

Adjust the position until you get the perfect place. Once you are sure, you can peel off the paper backing and install your decal. Ensure that you do not touch the sticky part of the decal as it could get dirty.

  1. Cut And Trim The Decal To Suit Your Needs

Once your personalized decal is in place, you will need to smooth it out to avoid the formation of bubbles and wrinkles. Cut and trim any obstructions to avoid air or water seeping into the decal. You can use a squeegee or your fingers to press out small bubbles. Your customized decal is now ready to use for many years.


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