4 Types Of Personal Budgeting And Finance Apps For Your Phone

Finance Apps For Your Phone

To make your life easier, your phone can come in very handy. In this case, we are talking about budgeting and finance apps that can have you save and make money all with the help of your phone.

Whether you use iOS or Android there is an app that can help you get your financial life back on track.

Unfortunately, they are not all created equally. Some had great intentions but are not updated frequently and thus are full of bugs. Others were once effective but now the competition has overtaken them by making a more useful app.

To help you navigate this confusing world, we have highlighted a few apps you should be using to manage your finances.


Cryptocurrency wallet apps 

As cryptocurrency becomes more mainstream you’ll need an easier way to manage, buy and sell your coins. This is where you need to have a Bitcoin wallet app on your phone.

The way it works is it stores private and public keys and interacts with various blockchain to enable users to send and receive Bitcoin or other crypto coins. Remember to keep your phone security up to date to prevent your wallet from any vulnerabilities.


Investing apps 

If you are looking for a quick and easy way to get money in the markets, then try out an investing app.

There are apps for beginners and for veteran investors alike. They work just like calling in the trade always has, just the tech is different. Back in the day, you’d have to call your broker and take the time to make it happen. You’re still using your phone, but now, with the click of a button, your trade is in.

You could be out hiking the Himalayas and still keep track of your portfolio. If you felt so inclined, that is.


Bank account 

Having your phone connected to your bank account isn’t just good to look at your growing balance multiple times per day.

You can also stay abreast of any changes. You can be alerted to any suspicious activity in moments so you can put an end to anybody with access to your account.

Some of these banking apps are also doing double duty as budgeting apps. You can track income and expenses and even set savings goals that the app can help to keep you on track.


Cash budgeting 

If you’re old enough to remember the days before the internet and smartphones, then you probably remember using envelopes to keep track of your cash for certain goals. Anybody who had a paper route as a kid will fondly remember an envelope for candy and another for a new bike.

Now there are apps that do the same thing. You can connect these apps to your bank account and move money into different envelopes. Looking to buy a new phone, make sure there is enough money in that envelope. Otherwise, you have to wait. Just like we used to do when we wanted to buy something.

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