4 Ways to Make Money with Video Games

Make Money with Video Games

Hardcore gamers tend to be endlessly creative in their ability to invent ways to make money doing what they love. Video games are an exceptional method of bringing in the cash, but you need to understand the avenues that exist to profit from your gaming addiction and how to market yourself. Some of the best methods for making money with video games involve doing what you love and making your skills available for the public to enjoy.

Create Guides

If you’re a serious gamer and you don’t yet have a website, you need to get one. They are easy to set up and even a simple Blogger site will work fine to get you started. Post video tutorials on the games you’ve played and grow your following by chronicling your gaming exploits. Providing free hints and tips is one way to build a massive following that can be later turned into real coin.

Gaming Websites

There are gaming websites like VideoGameBroadcasts¬†that are specifically designed to help you grow your website following. Post video of your progress on one of these sites and you’ll be able to attract traffic from people who want to learn more about your playing. Again, this is all about building a following that you can eventually monetize.


If you concentrate on building your traffic and reputation first, then your fans will trust you more when you finally begin to monetize your efforts. Post your videos on YouTube and then share them on gaming sites to gain exposure.

Monetize Your Videos

Once you’ve developed a following for your games, it’s time to start making money. Once you meet the requirements to monetize your content on YouTube, you’ll be able to start bringing in advertising dollars for showing your progress in games that you’re going to play anyway. If you make it big, you can stand to make a significant amount of money.

Create a Product

While all of these options will help you build your base and make a bit of cash, you’re going to need to create your own product to sell to really rake in the cash. Create entire video game walkthroughs that are only available to premium members. Sell packages of content for your favorite video games directly through your website using a service like Gumroad or Shopify. Make your playing a business, and excel by providing enjoyable content others simply can’t match.

If you’re going to make money playing video games, you’re going to need to spend some serious time building a customer base and creating a product. Join major forums, attend conventions and get active in your field. Make your name known online and in the real world. If you have something worthwhile to say, people will begin taking notice and paying you for your expertise.

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