4 Ways To Boost Your Ratings on Gurushots


GuruShots is a photography game that has taken the world by storm – there are over 3 million users every month. It encourages creativity, imagination, and artistic flair. As an amateur photographer, you can gain exposure, get followers, and improve your skills. The daily competitions can give you the opportunity to try out new techniques and focus on a variety of unusual subjects. So how can you boost your GuruShots ratings and gain a following in the photography community?

Stand out from the crowd

Color is everything when it comes to images that stand out. Choosing photos with deep contrast can help your competition entries stand out from the crowd, especially if you are entering a challenge that has a lot of entries. Even you are entering a black and white category, think about tinting your grayscale pictures with highlights of gold or even red to make them look different from the other entries.

What would you put on your wall?

When you are choosing your shots, think about what you would like to put on your own wall. Industry leaders CanvasPop recommend choosing photos that are technically in focus and easily recognizable. Often close-ups work best, especially considering that many people use Gurushots on their Smartphones and will initially look at the photos as thumbnails. If you would put your competition entry photo up on the wall as a canvas, then it is likely to get a good rating.

Think outside of the box

The category is The Little Things. Do you take photos of small objects or animals? Or perhaps you could interpret the brief differently. You could instead take photos of the little things in life that really matter to you, such as a hug, or holding hands, or sunny morning. A photography competition is giving you the opportunity to use your imagination. You don’t have to go with the tide – think differently from everyone else.

Portraits that capture the soul

Some of the most interesting portrait photos are close-ups. They create an intimacy that makes the observer feel that they are actually there. A close up is also an excellent way of capturing pure emotion, whether it be love, rage, sadness or joy. You should aim to photograph someone’s personality and inner feelings to create a response of empathy and understanding.

If you want to boost your ratings on GuruShots, you need to capture unique images. They don’t have to be beautiful, but they should be creative, imaginative, and ultimately truthful.

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