4 Ways To Save Money On Concert Tickets


A concert ticket is a small document indicating that an individual has paid to participate in a given event. This official paper is crucial because it serves as a gate pass that security personnel ask before a person can enter an arena, sports ground, or theatre.

While most concert tickets are reasonably priced, they can be expensive, especially if the performing artist is in-demand. Fortunately, this post provides four methods of saving money on concert tickets. Keep on reading to learn more.


1. Choose The Cheapest Seat

Picture this. As a long-time fan of an international musical artist, you’ve listened to their songs through music streaming platforms countless times. You may even have a collection of all their albums and frequently revisit their recorded live performance on free video viewing channels. With that, your most prominent dream is to watch them perform live, but you don’t have enough money to avail yourself of a spot in the very important person (VIP) sections.

Since watching your favorite celebrity perform their popular songs live is your wildest dream, you don’t have to choose a costly VIP seat. Instead of going into lousy debt to purchase a pricey concert ticket for concerts and live entertainment that lasts only less than three hours, you should opt for the cheapest section. These seats are usually found in the last rows or far off the side, and these areas are often the loudest and most fun because other fans will also be chanting.


2. Wait For Pre-Sale Prices

Pre-sale tickets are discounted concert passes that go on sale to a limited audience before the management sells them to the public. These types of tickets usually target the most loyal fans who are active members of the fan club of the performing artist, so there’s only a limited number of available ones. Some ticket merchants also offer this to specific credit card holders as part of the promotional effort of the event to their consumers.

Since pre-sale tickets are cheaper than publicly sold ones, you must consider waiting for that schedule. When purchasing this type of ticket, you need to subscribe to an e-mail newsletter list of the artists to get the latest updates on the concert tour. After that, you’ll receive a notification for a pre-sale code or link during the day of pre-sale day necessary to get early access to the tickets for the event.


3. Participate In Giveaway Contests To Win Free Tickets

A ticket giveaway contest is a promotional tactic that organizations use to attract more audiences to their businesses and encourage people to buy their products. Digital marketers use this strategy to help spread the word about their brands and gain more followers on their social media accounts. Some offer participants prizes like free access to a concert and a discount on their offers.

Since most modern marketers run giveaway contests to promote their businesses, you must consider participating in these events. Once you learn that a specific brand is offering a free ticket to the upcoming live concert of your favorite artist, you have to check their rules to boost your chances of winning. For instance, they might ask you to follow all their social media pages, mention at least three of your friends, or submit a video of yourself singing a song of your musical idol.


4. Attend Local Concerts

A local concert is an event that occurs within a country or city. Most of the invited performers come from the same locality, which might mean that they’ll offer the concert tickets at more affordable price options. Additionally, these events serve as a way to preserve the cultural heritage of the citizens so the concert-goers can appreciate their cultures better.

Although your original plan is to watch your favorite artist perform their viral song at their music concert, you can save more money by attending local shows. Since most of the attendees come from your own country, you might be able to build a sense of community as you both speak the same language and have the same culture. In addition, you might even start appreciating local music and be a fan of them.

As an individual who dreams of watching their favorite performer singing their best songs on stage, you feel the need to buy a concert ticket to access the event. But if the musical artist is known on the international scene, the prices will be higher than the local ones. With that, you must consider following these four strategies to save money on concert tickets so you can enjoy listening to live music and find new friends that are music lovers too.


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