4 Ways Women Are Changing Geek Culture


You may not realize it yet, but women are an often overlooked segment of modern geek culture. Maybe it is because women are not as openly active as men to whip out pretend lightsabers in public and make fools of themselves in the lobby of a movie theatre dueling it out for the sake of the force. Yes, men are actively geeky that way, but women will typically be a little more grown up in the way they participate and change geek culture. The following are a few ways you can see how women have helped to shape geek culture, first hand.


Think back on the first person who handed you a copy of Flatlands or a book by Isaac Asimov, and chances are that was a woman standing in the role of your local librarian. These women have participated in sparking more people to become involved in geek culture than just about anyone else in modern society. Yet, secretly, many of these individuals are themselves hanging out among the books reading up on sci-fi to satisfy their own geeky needs too. You never know which one of these closet geek librarians will be kicking it back at home with a Dragon Ball Z tank top on while watching anime on the weekends.


Whether it is Mary Shelley, the late famed author of Frankenstein, or Suzanne Collins, the author of the Hunger Games, it is important for you to note that women have played a huge role in writing some of the iconic stories that have been attributed to the heart of geek culture and society. Without many of these stories, geek culture would not be as rich and enduring as it is today. Rather, many of these authors have demonstrated that they can talk about sci-fi and fantasy topics just as well as men do, and in some cases, perhaps, even better so.

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Our Hero Is Not a Man

As shocking as it might seem, not all heroes and lead star roles in books and movies of geek culture that you consume are portrayed by men. From Wonder Woman and She-Ra to Captain Janeway, women have risen to the ranks of the lead stars and heroines in popular sci-fi and fantasy series. Even the series Haven centered around Audrey Parker as the main character who took fans on a long and dangerous ride through the troubles that were plaguing the town of Haven. You cannot deny that leading women have had a huge impact on the way geek culture has panned out after recalling some of your favorite heroines to mind. Even some of your contemporary geeky villains, such as the Borg Queen, still make quite an impression and harbor influence over why so many women are becoming geeks today.

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The Fans

If you attend any geek convention these days, it will be evident that there is a healthy number of women showing up at these events. Women actively read comics, engage sci-fi content and are even getting involved in STEM subjects to drive their curiosity in more technical realms of thought and future speculations on innovation. The geek culture is no longer a male-dominated realm, but it is a realm where more and more women are finding they have a place to express themselves and participate too. Who knows, you may be a woman who is seeing, for the first time, that the geek culture is right for you as well.


When it comes to geek culture, you will find it is filled with a diversity of people of all walks of life. With the modern influx of women into this culture, this has added a whole new dimension of thought and perspective to everything geek. Plus, a lot of women are generating content that is proving to be iconic in its own right within this genre.

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