40 Hilarious Pics Of Stuff That Are ‘Awful In Taste But Great In Execution’

Hilarious Pics Of Stuff

You have often heard that “Creativity knows no bounds. If you have an imaginative mind, then it can manifest in the most unpredictable things. ” However, a subreddit which is called “Awful Taste But Great Execution” completely rejects the term creativity. It’s home to photos of awful ideas. You will be amazed by what silly things some people managed to come up with! So, if you ever thought of creepy face masks or strange murals then, this post is just for you. Check out the shocking and entertaining pictures below:

#1 Brasilian Ad For Condoms


#2 Tree-Rex


#3 Ashtray


#4 Embroidery Toast



#5 Bath/Toilet Design


#6 Did A Double Take When I Saw This Rock In My Friend’s Yard. She Said It Came From The Tenants Before Her, But I Think It Is The Tenant


#7 Razor Blade Advertisement


#8 I Want This Now



#9 The Pattern Gave Him A Booty, So We Gave Him A Thong


#10 Batstache


#11 Bleeding Necklace


#12 It’s Stupid, But Kinda Sick Ngl



#13 20 Foot Tall Graffiti Mural Of Kanye Kissing Himself


#14 It Wouldn’t Be Complete Without It


#15 Special Effect Artist Creates Mask Of Himself


#16 Does This Mask Belong Here



#17 Was Told To Post My Tramp Stamp For Tuesday


#18 This Lamp In My Hotel Room


#19 “Get Away From Her You B****!”


#20 This Woodwork



#21 A Cat With A Headpiece Made From Its Own Shed Hair


#22 Low Rider Batmobile


#23 My Best Mate Made A [crappy] Cake For My Birthday


#24 If 13 Year Old Me Became An Interior Designer



#25 Was Told To Post This Here


#26 I’m Curious As To How It Actually Tastes…


#27 Hamburger Bed From 1972


#28 This Mural On The Side Of A Restaurant In Lithuania Depicting Donald Trump Kissing Vladimir Putin



#29 Does This Count?


#30 Painting I Found In A Shop. Should Have Bought It


#31 Additional Hair


#32 Onesie



#33 How To Get Killed By Police 101


#34 Yes, This Is A Spoon


#35 Admiral Ackbunny


#36 Someone Was Selling Dead Beetles Dressed Up As Jurassic Park Characters On Etsy



#37 Chandelier Headlights


#38 Blobfish Supra


#39 I Guess They’d Rather Mop Than Vacuum


#40 These Coffee Mugs


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