40 Of The Most Used Tourist Scams

Tourists are tourists and don’t know the place they are visiting, its customs and people, and need knowledge and direction to get around. And while most locals are ready to help them, some are engaged only in taking advantage of these simple foreigners, getting a hold of their money and credit cards.

Most scammers are intelligent. They’ve developed complex schemes on how to trick tourists out of money and get away with it. Some of their designs are quite simple once they have happened, with the victim realizing they have been cheated but only after it’s too late. Others are more complex, and the victim may never know that something went wrong. Tourist scammers also know how to take benefit of locals laws and law enforcement, giving themselves an edge against travelers and a get-out-of-jail-free card should their methods go wrong.

To assist people to avoid trouble while on holiday, UK-based travel websites Just The Flight created an infographic where they reveal some of the most popular tourist scams and the locations they’re popular in. Hopefully, this will help you once the pandemic is over and you are flying again to exotic places.

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