40 People Who Were Confused By English Language

You are blessed if you are not the one who had to get through with the trouble of learning English. Some might say that learning Japanese might be the most challenging task out there, but even the most difficult aspects of those languages have some sort of logic behind them. English, on the other hand, has some really nonsensical characteristics to it and plenty of arbitrary rules.


English Nonsense

English NonsenseEnglish NonsenseEnglish-Language-Logic-No-SenseEnglish NonsenseEnglish-Language-Logic-No-SenseEnglish NonsenseEnglish NonsenseEnglish NonsenseEnglish NonsenseEnglish-Language-Logic-No-SenseEnglish-Language-Logic-No-SenseEnglish-Language-Logic-No-SenseEnglish-Language-Logic-No-SenseEnglish NonsenseEnglish NonsenseEnglish NonsenseEnglish NonsenseEnglish Nonsense

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