47 Thoughts You Have When You Go Braless


1. This is the best decision ever.

2. I feel free and liberated, freeboobing really is awesome.

3. Maybe I’ll go all out tomorrow and ditch my underpants too!

4. I’m basically being an awesome feminist right now.

5. I’m going to tweet about how wonderful bralessness is.

6. Wait, my boss follows me on Twitter I probably shouldn’t do that.

7. Oh shit, my bus is about to leave MUST RUN. Ow, ow ow ow. This hurts.

8. I’m pretty sure my boob almost poked my eye out there.

9. It’s really hard trying to to run without moving you upper body.

10. Man, it’s cold. Is this affecting my nipples?

11. I should have done this in the summer.

12. Yep, I can definitely see my nips poking through my shirt.

13. Are they just particularly pointy today? Are they abnormally pointy? Are my nipples at all normal? What if today is the day I find out I have total abnormal alien boobs?

14. I bet this is why nipple tape exists.

15. The bus driver definitely just stared at my nipples.

16. I’ll just keep my arms folded over my chest like this, and if I see someone I know I’ll wave with my head, or my eyes, or my EYEBROWS.

17. Whatever, everyone has nipples, the Queen has nipples, so deal with it world.


19. This is actually pretty comfortable. I just need to ease into it a bit more.

20. I feel like the blood is circulating around my boobs. I’m a living, breathing, beautiful woman. No underwire for me!

21. You know what, I think I’m going to join the Free Nips movement.

22. I’m going to post a picture of my liberated breasts on Instagram. Mum might be ashamed but whatever, Cara Delevingne and I will be BEST FRIENDS.

23. Wait, what if I start sagging?

24. Will I start sagging TODAY? Am sagging right this moment?

25. What if my breasts droop so low I have to sweep the floor with them?

26. Maybe I’ll have to drape them around my neck like a scarf?

27. Whatever, saggy boobs aren’t the end of the world. WHO CARES!

28. Omg what if I bump into my ex today and he’s all: “Wow your boobs look odd!”

29. Or maybe he’ll think: “Damn, your boobs look AWESOME”.

30. Wait. He moved to another city. He won’t be around to see my boobs today.

31. Wow, hugging sure feels weird without a bra.

32. Is that person hugging me because they REALLY want to hug me or because they want to feel my chest up close?

33. It’s time to tell some of my close pals I’m braless today.

34. Oh, they knew already. Didn’t think it was *that* obvious.

35. I can’t stop looking down at my breasts. It’s distracting.

36. I can’t stop cupping my breasts. It’s like having a stress ball stuck to your body.

37. My bag strap is definitely highlighting my bralessness. Even over my hoodie!

38. Why do guys get to go through life without wearing bras. Like, that’s pretty unfair?

39. Shit, must remember to not lean over so much.

40. I just don’t think my posture is made for freeboobing, I hunch over too much.

41. It’s raining OH DEAR GOD WHY IS IT RAINING?!?


43. Time for the back-up jacket.

44. Right, I made it, I made it through the day of no bra.

45. Okay not going to lie I do feel a little sad. That sheer relief of taking a bra off at the end of the day, it’s kinda worth all the hassle.

46. Maybe I’ll go braless again tomorrow.

47. Oh wait, it’s raining again. Maybe I’ll just wear a sports bra ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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