5 Animated Movies that must be re-watch before you die

Movies are one of the sources of entertainment that are watched as well as re-watched several times while constantly engaging the viewers towards them. Whether the movies are based on intellectual, emotional or action level, there are several things that keep bringing the viewer back. The viewers could feel the difference while watching different movies and this uniqueness is the only reason behind making the viewers to re-watch it.
Majority of re-watchable movies are the feel good films that keeps ones mood up involving unique kind of comedies that usually gets funnier along with the every watch. They are the kind of movies that involves simple entertaining pictures with the stories told through the animated characters or the memes in the movie. These memes help in sustaining the humor live among the audience even after long time of its release which is done by memes.com. So, let us have a look on some of the entertaining movies that are truly re-watchable for long time:

Toy Story 2:

5 Animated Movies that must be re-watch before you die

The movie has characters like Andy, Woody- the Cowboy, Buzz Light-year and the rest of friends of the toy box. In the movie, Andy is the young boy who is the owner of the cast of characters who is off at the summer camp while giving the toys a few weeks off. In the movie, viewers would come across with most of the original voice cast, as the popular composer Randy Newman returns with new score as well as new songs.

Finding Nemo:

5 Animated Movies that must be re-watch before you die

The movie is based on stunning underwater adventure, having memorable characters including lots of humor as well as heartfelt emotion. This movie- Finding Nemo includes a comedic as well as momentous journey of the overly protective clownfish named Marlin and his son Nemo who gets separated from each other. The real story then begins from here where he has been taken far from the ocean home and is dumped into a fish tank. Then an effort is made to bring back home safely through some plans as well as daring treks.

The LEGO Movie:

5 Animated Movies that must be re-watch before you die

The LEGO movie is the most popular first-ever, full-length theatrical LEGO adventure movie. In this movie, the original 3D computer animated story follows Emmet, an ordinary rules- following and a perfectly average LEGO minifigure that is misunderstood as the most extraordinary person and a key to save the world. The movie has been drafted by Warner Bros where the LEGO comes into fellowship of strangers and thus the movie follows.


5 Animated Movies that must be re-watch before you die

The movie is having the main character- a skinny rat named Remy. Remy is successful in finding his dreams of culinary superstardom where he is being stirring up sizable controversy in the kitchen of a French restaurant. The computer-animated comedy is having a rat with several culinary aspirations, but then Remy is being convinced he has what it needs to break the stereotypes thus following the footsteps of the star chef. The movie continues with several twists and turns where Remy’s passion of cooking turns the world of French cuisine upside down.

Spirited Away:

5 Animated Movies that must be re-watch before you die

This animated movie begins with a ten year old Chihiro who is riding along during a family outing as well as her father too races through the remote country roads. As they come upon a blocked tunnel, the parents decide to have a look around. As they pass through tunnel, they discover an abandoned amusement park. This way the movie continues with new twists and turns and making Chihiro to learn the rules of the land.

So, those who are movie freak would definitely opt to re-watch the above 5 movies that involves lot of fun besides drama, action, emotion and many more things that imparts good knowledge in the form of animated movie.

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Chris, a professional writer and blogger loves to watch movies. Here he is sharing top 5 must watch movies that movie lovers would love to watch it. Along with that he is suggesting how to keep the humor live using the memes.

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