5 Awesome Documentaries To Watch

Online streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu and Amazon are well known for producing great original content. Hit series like the Vikings, The Haunting Of Hill House and Glow have won many fans around the world. However, these series are firmly grounded in the fiction genre. What is less talked about is the huge range of awesome documentaries available for those of us who enjoy a dose of reality every once in a while. Below we’ve listed five of the best documentary films and series available to stream right now. We’ve covered every angle from true crime too cooking!

Long Shot (Netflix)

Exciting, emotional and unbelievable. Everything you would want from a true crime documentary film. This 40-minute thrill ride from Netflix will restore your faith in the criminal justice system whilst simultaneously destroying it.

Long Shot tells the story of an innocent man charged with a brutal murder. Unless his defense team can corroborate his alibi, this innocent man is destined to spend the rest of his life behind bars. A series of freaky coincidences could prove his salvation, but how do you find one face in a crowd of thousands? It’s the longest of long shots!

True Appaloosa (Amazon)

An uplifting documentary which follows the crusade to find the origins of the highly cherished Appaloosa horse. The chance viewing on TV would lead a 69-year-old woman on an 8500-mile expedition. Will she uncover the origins of the Appaloosa and rewrite of the equine history of North America?

Even if your interest in horses is just confined to watching the Grand National or Kentucky Derby once a year, you’ll still enjoy this inspirational adventure story.

Ugly Delicious (Netflix) 

Ugly Delicious (Netflix) 

Hosted by the chef, David Chang this is a series that goes beyond ‘here’s some food you might want to make’ and instead deals with each episode’s subject, including history and cultural influences, as an entertaining essay on the essence of deliciousness. Get prepared to be very hungry!

I left each episode of ‘Ugly Delicious’ entertained, informed, and hungry. And whilst I have watched no end of direct ‘instruction recipe’ shows – and lazed in my pajamas afterward – I can tell you now that after the fried chicken episode, do you know what I did? I went home after work and I made some fried chicken.

Tower (2016)

Tower (Netflix)

The tower is a groundbreaking documentary which tells the story of America’s first mass shooting. The tragedy unfolded on a summer’s day in 1966 at the University Of Texas. A lone gunman climbed the University’s bell tower, and rained down a hail of bullets on those below for 96 minutes, killing 16 and wounding another 31.

The documentary skillfully weaves eyewitness recollections, animation, and TV News footage. Creating a compelling and terrifying account of the massacre as it unfolded minute-by-minute.

Medal Of Honor (Netflix)

The Medal Of Honor series tells the extraordinary stories of the recipients of America’s highest military award. These tales of bravely are told with thorough re-enactments and skilled narration. The courage and devotion to duty of those soldiers featured will leave you in astonishment.

This collection of war stories is unbelievable. If you saw these tales in a fictional war film you would say they’re preposterous. Nevertheless, Netflix has re-created them with realism, empathy and in a considerate manner.

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