5 Awesome, Family-Friendly Movies to Add To Your Collection


A great family-friendly movie is a good way to bring people together. It’s hard to find something that everyone will enjoy, but some movies transcend age differences and are right for everyone.


Paddington is a British film about the famous fictional bear who was discovered at Paddington Station. This movie is nothing short of magical. The characters are adorable, the acting is brilliant, and the story is incredibly heartwarming. It is a complete treasure that will have everyone laughing and rooting for the bear in the battered old explorer’s hat.


Wall-E is one of Pixar’s most imaginative films to date. It is about a small robot who lives by himself on a severely polluted and abandoned Earth. He meets another robot who is sent down from a massive ship containing the last living humans and sort of falls in love with her. Neither says much, but their quirky interactions and the sly social commentary on human overconsumption are unforgettable.

How to Train Your Dragon

There are a lot of great things to say about How to Train Your Dragon. It was innovative, fun, fantastical and really touching. It follows a young boy who lives in a Viking village. His name is Hiccup. Hiccup is the son of the strongest Viking–the leader of their village, but he’s kind of scrawny. It’s his dream to kill a dragon and be taken seriously, but all that goes awry when he meets the dragon that will change his life.


Frozen is one of the best family movies of the past decade. Some would argue that there was too much hype, but that was only because it was so fantastic. The score was incredible, the story finally one of family instead of romance, and it had one of the funniest characters ever created by Disney–Olaf.


Up is a little heartbreaking at first. The opening of this film is really uplifting and then terribly sad. However, it sets the stage for a brave adventure with a dog that loves squirrels, a cranky old man who misses his wife and a little boy who just lives for merit badges.

Go Online to Buy Movies for the Family

It is easy to find the best movies for the family from online retailers. Physical stores may not have the right movie and renting means having to remember to return the disc. With online retailers, like Pristine Sales, it’s easy to find the right movie any time without having to the leave the house.  Plus, you’ll save money on gas and eliminate the hassle of fighting other shoppers at the store.

The film industry makes plenty of family-friendly movies. Most are pretty good, but these are films you must see and that everyone should have in their collection.

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