5 Best Casino Movies Come Out of Hollywood

Our trips to casinos teach us that it is not easy to go there as many times as we wanted, unless some of us actually live in those cities, sometimes the risk worth taking and the rewards are awesome but at other times it’s sadly not. And although it’s not as easy for us to visit the likes of Las Vegas or St. Tropez to gamble to our heart’s desire and have fun with all of this, gambling movies are always here for us to watch and there are some brilliant ones as well which you can stream via the online media giant, Netflix.  So if you don’t want to risk your money in the bank, you can still get your gambling kick out of these movies and watch some great gambling content on Netflix in our list that is readily available to stream.

Guns Girls and Gambling

1. Guns Girls and Gambling

This is the best take on Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels, and the movie is based in Las Vegas and now we have something awesome in the shape of Guns, Girls, and Gambling. The movie revolves around a “priceless tribal artifact” that was disappeared at a poker game and various characters now searching for it. Some of the characters are a prostitute, a crooked cop, some cowboys, Indians, it is based in Vegas so there also some Elvis impersonators.

2. James Bond: Casino Royale

How can you are talking about gambling movies and not mention Casino Royale, it is impossible. 1967 spy comedy movie, ‘James Bond: Casino Royale’, David Niven was starring as the “original James Bond 007” who is taken out of retirement by force and put to investigate the missings and deaths of other spies upon discovering the news of the death of M. In this amazing movie, Bond, who’s was promoted as the head of MI6, realizes that the bulk of British agents around the world have been killed as a result by criminals which was the result of all the sex.

As Bond triumphant in countering the seductive trickery of many women spies he faces, he eventually leads to befriends MiMi/Lady Fiona, a SMERSH agent who got much affected by Bond, that she changes her loyalties to Bond and supports him uncover Le Chriffe’s plot to make money for terrorists by playing and beating at the casino by playing, Baccarat. As a result, Bond also got the help of many phony 007s which includes the millionaire spy, Vesper Lynd, in an effort to take down SMERSH operative, Le Chiffre, and Dr. Noah which was brilliantly played by Woody Allen.

3. Bachelor Party Vegas

Some friends planned to go to Las Vegas for a night of crazy fun to celebrate the upcoming wedding of a buddy. But there will be one small problem with the plan: they end up choosing a bank robber as their wedding planner. Things go very wrong as the friends were being chased by the casino security, cops, and a boyfriend of a porn star behind them.

4. Bugsy

This is one amazing movie that will tell the amazing story of gangster Bugsy Siegel and his dream of creating a gambling casino and a safe haven in the middle of the Nevada desert, which will then become Las Vegas. His affair with Virginia Hill would eventually lead to his murder and he couldn’t see his dream from becoming a reality. This is one really good movie to watch, if you haven’t so far, I strongly recommend you should. Check out the trailer below:

5. The Cooler

Bernie (Macy) is a mighty loser in the movie. He works for the casino manager which is played by Baldwin he takes advantage of Bernie’s capacity to change the luck for very successful gamblers at the casino. When Bernie first meets up with the waitress Natalie (Bello) his life turns for the better. Baldwin’s played his role brilliantly and his character is willing to do anything to keep Bernie and his special gambling skills at the casino, This is a really awesome watch.


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