5 Best Cricket Games for PC, Mobile and Consoles

Cricket Game

You are not going to find as many good cricket video games out there as you do for many other sports, If you are into Football then there are plenty of choices out there, and the options available for playing cricket at the comfort of your home are very rare but here we have a list of games which will keep you entertained for hours and some of the games keep themselves updated with the latest sports news.

A lot of studios have attempted to catch the ‘Gentleman’s Game’ and turn it into something awesome, but only a few got succeeded to achieve this success. In 2019, EA Sports is in the works to bring back the cricket franchise with a new game But we haven’t heard about this project in the pandemic, it is not like there is a shortage of cricket fans, there are millions upon millions out there.

But till that game got a release or even some news related to the project, check out the five best cricket games that are readily available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and on smartphones.

5. EA Cricket 07

It is an old game and was first released in 2006, EA Cricket 2007 is one of the most famous cricket games which you can play right now and it is still is fun to play, and it has still a huge player base who likes to enjoy the game.

The official support from EA is ended a long time back, but it still gets patches that are released by modders to add updated player kits, players, stadiums, and new tournaments.

But you should know that all the patches are for only cosmetic changes and the core game engine is the same as when the game was released. The gameplay is fluid and impeccable, which offers some good cricketing action. The absence of an option to tune and set the direction of a shot is a miss in the game.

You will receive new patches on a regular basis for the PC version of the game.

4. Real Cricket 18

The game is developed by Nautilus Mobile, Real Cricket 18 is was released on smartphones and it is now available for both iOS and Android gadgets. It comes with amazing features, the company developed the game promises that Real Cricket 18 will give the most authentic gameplay experience on mobile phones. The game comes with diverse cricketing moves and amazing shots, changing weather and time of day, along with individual player faces, enabling the gamers to experience top-notch cricketing action.

Real Cricket 18 supports tournaments and stadiums for a more real-life cricket experience.

Real Cricket 18 is a free-to-play game that includes in-app purchases.

3. World Cricket Championship 2

World Cricket Championship 2 is developed by Nextwave Multimedia and it is a must-have for every cricket lover and one should play it at least once. At Nasscom Gaming Forum Awards 2015, It won the Winner of the Game of the Year award, WCC2 gives a mix of batting and bowling features, which will keep you engaged with the game for a long time.

That is not it, the game comes with many camera angles, several different player face expressions, and a diverse set of international and local cricket teams, providing a fully customizable gaming experience to the gamers and fans of the sport.

It is available on Android and iOS devices, and you can also get it on the Microsoft Store as well.


2. Cricket Captain 2018

Cricket Captain 2018 is the newest game you will find for the sport in the long-going franchise, which allows the player to manage the flow of the game without really hitting the ball, which quite unique and fun to play.

With enhanced coaching and data stats, along with the renewed game engine, Cricket Captian 2018 is one of the best games of the series, giving the players a real experience. Moreover, a large 6,500-plus player database and an upgraded player generation should interest to both fans of the franchise and new gamers, trying out the game.

You can find Cricket Captian 2018 on Steam.


1. Ashes Cricket

The game is developed by Big Ant Studios, Ashes Cricket is the replacement to the Don Bradman Cricket gaming series and was first released in 2017 for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

It has an extensive career mode, customizable players, and the authentic stadiums of the 2017/18 Ashes tour which turns the Ashes Cricket a breeze to play for pro gamers. The game also features an online mode where players can play against other people from all over the world. This feature makes this game really cool and you can play with your friends where ever they live.

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