The 5 Best End Credits Scenes Ever

End Credits Scenes

The Cinefix is back with a new video, and this time they’re counting down what they believe to be the top five end credits scenes of all time. Team at Cinefix mentions a bunch of different ways for filmmakers to achieve their goals before choosing an option they feel represents that particular method, so there are many many movies than just five.

For me end credits of Jackie Chan movies are always great, I am talking about his old Honk Kong time movies. They are hilarious and they contain behind the scenes footage of his insane stunts.

As in reality, it’s always hard to say goodbye to people and things we love. Sometimes, even more so with films that touch our hearts. Storytellers understand this struggle more than the rest of us and find meaningful ways to help us cope with departure to the worlds we encounter in cinema. These are the best closing title sequences in movie history.

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