5 Best Gaming Gadgets E3-2013

The world of gaming has greatly evolved with time and has the best to offer to the current generation. Games have become more interactive and simulated real-life situations. War games now resemble real battles in movies and feature great film stars making the adventure even more interesting. Racing games have evolved from 2-dimensional cars to 3-dimensional supercars with nitrous boost racing over different terrains. Great gaming gadgets have also been made to make gaming even better.

The following are the best five gadgets in the gaming world as of 2013:

Steel Series Wireless Controller

This gadget saves you from the trouble of connecting cables to your PC and gives you the freedom to play the game from anywhere within a room. It uses Bluetooth signals to connect to your gaming machine; Mac or PC. You only need to hook its chip to the machine and enjoy playing your game. It has a rechargeable battery that is able to maintain its charge for as long as ten hours. It can be used to play a variety of games including the different types of racing games. It goes for 60 dollars in leading gaming stores.

Logitech Gaming Keyboard

This is another great innovation from Logitech. Using this keyboard, you are able to check on your gaming statistics even when you are off the game. It has 12 keys that are programmable and can perform 36 distinct functions. It is equipped with 2 USB ports where you can connect other external devices. You, therefore, don’t have to worry about lack of enough USB ports. All these functions are in one gadget; the Logitech Keyboard which goes for 180 dollars.

Cyborg Fly 5 Joystick

This is a modified joystick suitable for playing literary any kind of game. It is equipped with 10 different buttons with a variety of amazing functions. Its two levers are adjustable to fit the desires of the gamer. It makes use of the USB port for charge hence no need to worry you about the battery. This amazing gadget goes for as low as 40 dollars.

Driving Force GT by Logitech

This is an amazing gadget that adds some reality to your gaming world. It is suitable for racing games. You are able to feel the terrain through which your racing car is driving through vibrations. It has a 900-degree allowance for rotation like the real cars hence you get the feeling of driving a real car. In addition, it is equipped with accelerating and braking pads. It goes for 103 dollars.

Xbox 360 Controller

This is yet another gaming gadget suitable for your Xbox or even PC. The 2013 version of the controller is wireless and runs on the normal AA sized batteries. It also has a port where you can connect your headphones for better audio. It goes for 23 dollars only.

These are the five best gaming gadgets out so far and there are yet more improvements to come. Get the best PlayStation games by contacting the psn contact number and use some of these gadgets to play them.

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