5 Best Lego Sets for Your Kids, According to Lego Masters


Lego building is one of those hobbies that could be fun and stimulating no matter how old you are. While it’s mostly kids who enjoy it so much (probably because they have all the time and energy in the world), even us workaholic adults can have fun with these colored bricks.

But in this piece, we’re going to list the Lego sets that your kids will surely love. Sorry, mums and dads. These are solely for your kids. But you can always join in the fun, by guiding them whenever they’re struggling with a piece or a section.


1. LEGO DC Batman 1989 Batmobile 76139 Building Kit

This kit is best for kids who love superheroes. Especially those who idolize Batman and his cool gadgets.

We bet your kids (and even their dad) want to be Batman. Unfortunately, not everyone is destined to be the Dark Knight. But good thing, your kids can build their own Batmobile with this Lego set.

The best thing about it is that it’s fun to build and the result is very realistic when it’s assembled. It even includes Lego action figures of Batman and the Joker.


2. LEGO Ideas Tree House Building Kit

This set is much more complicated than the first one. If your kid has been building Legos since his or her toddler days, he or she is already advanced in the game. So this 3000-piece set is just a piece of cake.

This Lego set, when assembled, is a bi-level treehouse with Lego’s signature bonsai leaves. It also features a working crane, four mini-figures, and a bird.

If your kid is just starting with Legos, this might not be the best kit for them. This is more appropriate to kids, ages 7 and up. Since this kit is quite complex, some help from mum and dad will be needed.


3. LEGO City Town Center

If your kids want to take their Lego building up a notch, they can definitely build their own city inside their own bedrooms.

Unlike in real life, developing a city is much easier in the Lego universe. Since there are modular kits readily available in stores and online. Also, these kits are being manufactured all the time so your kids can expand their city whenever they want.

The LEGO City Town Center kit has 790 pieces which include a tow truck, a motorcycle, eight mini-figures, and a baby sleeping in a carrier.


4. LEGO DUPLO Classic Deluxe Brick Box Starter Set

If you have kids under three years old, this is the best starter kit for them. A Lego set of Duplos is always specifically designed for the small hands of your young ones.

This set has only 85 pieces with a car and two mini-figures which are already enough for kids who are just starting to build things.


5. LEGO Creator Expert Roller Coaster Building Kit

Can’t go out with the kids for a roller coaster ride? Why not let them build one themselves? If you have more than two kids, they’ll certainly enjoy building this theme park ride as a group.

With over 4000 pieces, this Lego set will require more than a pair of hands. When assembled, the whole piece is 20 inches tall, 34 inches wide, and 16 inches deep, which means that you’ll need a separate working table for this.

It also comes with 11 mini-figures for your kids to play with. Your teenager may take hours building this set, but with the help of siblings and other friends joining the fun, they can finish it in no time.

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