5 Best Movies to Watch When High – The Definitive Stoner Movie List

The Next Three Days

What are the best movies to watch when high? As it is, there are several stoner classics to choose from. However, many best high movie lists all make the same recommendations. Here, we’ll, therefore, try to shake things up a bit.

When high, everyone likes blazing to different kinds of movie genres. Here, we’ve, therefore, made our list of movies to watch stoned, into five distinct genres.


For Gratuitous Horror, Choose The Loved Ones

When you are blazing, it’s always fun to reflect on the past antics of crazy ex-lovers. These, and people we haven’t seen for years, but we’re pretty sure probably have a few maniacal tenancies by now.

The Loved Ones is a 2009 Australian horror flick that takes high-school crazy to a completely new level.

Directed by Sean Byrne, The Loved Ones begins as a run-of-the-mill high-school teen drama. However, the movie quickly ramps up the adrenaline to become a high-suspense, high-disgust bloodbath that is beyond words. This is especially the case when watched while on a high that draws you winching right into the film itself.


For True Romance, Watch The Next Three Days

The Next Three Days is the best romantic thriller you’ve probably never heard of.

Starring Russell Crowe and Elizabeth Banks, director Paul Haggis put the pedal to the metal during the first 30-minutes as his atypical chick-flick becomes a murder mystery, high-octane prison-break thriller, and second-to-none love story.

Even if you hate Russell Crowe or romantic movie genres in general, you will love The Next Three Days. You’ll also still be talking about the movie three weeks from now.


To Get Your Comedy Fix, Watch Torrente

Lists of movies to watch high often feature cult comedy classics like The Big Lebowski. Let’s face it, though, you’ve probably seen the film far more times than is healthy.

Torrente, the Dumb Arm of the Law isn’t your typical American comedy. This is because it’s not an American comedy at all.

As a Spanish cult-classic, Torrente is an overweight, overbearing, overly filthy anti-hero, who will turn your marijuana high into an unexpected comedic buzz every time he is in-frame. Even better, there are five films in the Torrente saga, each more comically dark than the next.


Get Your Classic Stoner Nostalgia Fix with Clerks

Clerks is a 1994 cult classic in terms of American stoner culture. Famous for featuring the debut cinematic appearance of Jay and Silent Bob, Clerks is a comedy. However, if you grew up in the ’80s or ’90s, Clerks is also a high nostalgia fest with no equal.

As a low budget indie movie, Clerks is filmed in black and white and stars dry ’90s humor legends Brian O’Halloran and Jeff Anderson. As a bonus, Clerks has since inspired two sequels. As a result, the series is ideal for binge-watching while blazing.


Movies That Make You Think – Watch Planet of the Humans

Anyone who grew up in the late ’90s or early 2000s will remember the first time they saw the All Gore hit, an Inconvenient Truth. It was the climate documentary that gave rise to the environmental and renewable energy movement that we have today. What, though, if everything you think you know now is wrong?

Controversial producer Michael Moore has received a lot of criticism for his latest documentary offering. This is thanks to Planet of the Humans exposing most of the renewable energy systems we use today, as just as damaging for our climate and environment as fossil fuels.

Director Jeff Gibbs also takes viewers down a rabbit hole that exposes who’s really behind today’s green energy movement. Watching Planet of the Humans may, therefore, leave you with an altogether different world view than the one you started watching the movie with.


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