5 Best Theme Restaurants In India

Although there are several incredible dining experiences around the world, but India still has its fair share of rocking theme restaurants. The country is a place that is known worldwide for its delicious cuisines and mouth watering recipes. It has restaurants that serve guests any time of the day one is searching for a place just to eat or a place to be entertained while dining.

These are not always your preplanned tourist ambushes, but the experience of these places will leave you with lifetime memories. Here’s a guide to the five best theme restaurants in India right now.

The Black Pearl, Bangalore

The Black Pearl is among the top restaurants in Bangalore as well as in India. The restaurant is a perfect place for food and fun. The menu offers excellent options of surf and turf. The place is inspired by the famous film Pirates of the Caribbean and hence depicts a fictional ship. The surroundings and staff attire are based on the pirate theme. Foodies with special interest towards delicious dishes will just love this place. You can spot several interesting things in this restaurant, which adds more to the overall charm of the theme.

Best Theme Restaurants In India

(The Black Pearl, Bangalore)

Village Restaurant, Mumbai Village

Restaurant is a theme based restaurant located in Mumbai. The place is a great mixture of enormous Indian food and a scenario of village. The experience begins the moment that you enter into the restaurant, because the decor is designed to look like a village. At a glance, you will find that from a busy mall, you have entered in a village. The menu includes a long list of great cuisines.

Best Theme Restaurants In India

(Village Restaurant, Mumbai)

Haveli, Jalandhar

You might have heard about Punjabi culture and Punjabi food, but witnessing both at the same time is always an amazing experience. Haveli is a theme restaurant, located at Jalandhar, whose structure memorizes the good old days of Punjabi culture. The great Punjabi dhaba has got appraisal by many magazines, newspapers and television channels. The restaurant has strong marketing crusades which absolutely justify the sumptuous food and ambiance. Apart from the food, you can experience the tradition of Punjab. Rangla Punjab is an undividable part of Haveli, which depicts the golden era of Punjabi culture. Evenings at Rangla Punjab, depict an authentic Punjabi mela hosting various live performances and fun stalls.

Best Theme Restaurants In India

(Haveli, Jalandhar)

Wharf, Chennai

How about fish caught in front of your eyes? This is what Wharf delivers to you! The restaurant is not only amongst the best restaurants of India but of Asia too. This place is worth a visit if you want to experience excellent sea food with cocktails. There are lots of foods that you may enjoy here. Moroccan chicken steak is the best dish of the restaurant. If you are a vegetarian, corn steak will be a great option.

Best Theme Restaurants In India


(Wharf, Chennai)

Pratap’s Wild Dining, Mumbai

Pratap’s Wild Dining is a unique theme restaurant located in Mumbai. The pioneering theme of the restaurant gives an excellent wild outlook. To bring the essence of a jungle, the entire restaurant is decorated with plants and dummy animals. The Buffet is elaborate with an option of multiple cuisines. Every half an hour an audio is played with sounds from the animals and music of the Jungle tribes, bringing alive the theme.

Best Theme Restaurants In India

(Pratap’s Wild Dining, Mumbai)

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