5 Bill Paxton’s Most Memorable Acting Roles

Bill Paxton was never nominated for an Oscar and was frequently mixed up with Bill Pullman, He left this mortal world on Feb. 26 at age 61 evoked tributes to one of the great resumes of the last 30+ years. From his bit parts in films like The Terminator to his last starring role on CBS’s Training Day reboot, Paxton uplifted and took part in some of the most beloved projects of the last three decades.

Today, We humbly present Bill Paxton’s 5 most memorable parts.

Bill Paxton

1. James Cameron’s lucky charm

Paxton’s greatest success came when working with James Cameron, starting with a small part as the first victim of The Terminator. Yet the next time Paxton worked with Cameron in Aliens, it gave him his breakout role and the film’s most iconic catchphrase not spoken by Sigourney Weaver.

Paxton’s final collaboration with Cameron came in what was the biggest movie of all time. Paxton’s Titanic treasure hunter and his search for Rose’s old necklace technically makes the entire film and its lengthy flashbacks possible.

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