5 Cases of Completely Useless CGI in Film

John Wick

Most people doesn’t like CG in modern films or stick to the older films. Even some of my friends doesn’t watch the movies which has potential CG in them, Which is quite a lot these days. They just don’t like the idea of computer making scenes for them, It is just not real enough for them. I for one doesn’t have a problem with CG unless it is needed to explain and define the scene to me. Unnecessary CG ruins the movie for everyone and even kids spot the pixels (and act smart) and loose interest in the mumbo jumbo. It’s obvious when directors create entire worlds purely out of pixels, but a good amount of the computer generated imagery we see isn’t immediately apparent to the naked eye.

Dorkly share five instances in which CG was used for seemingly no good reason, That is what I was talking about useless unnecessary cleverness.  Look at the video below and see if added CG was necessary for John Wick.

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