5 Celebrities who Choose Rehab Center & Got Sober

You always watch celebs in a glossy and glamorous look that you believe their life is no less than perfect. However if you dig up, you will find how celebrities too fight with their inner incubus such as anger management problems, eating disorders, alcohol addiction and even drug abuse.

Being popular and being addict at the same time can be disastrous for anyone in the limelight. However being popular and being sober is even more challenging job, particularly if you are a Hollywood celebrity.

A celeb needs to visit so many different places, communicate with people of all types and stay in the limelight of the Hollywood world. But addiction is a chronic and relapsing disorder. So, it’s a fact that a person suffering from addiction will relapse eventually.

In this post, we will peep into the stories of some the renowned Hollywood celebrities who have relapsed but then successfully returned back to their sober lives with the help of holistic rehab centers.

Gerard Butler

5 Celebrities who Choose Rehab Center & Got Sober

Only a few years back, Butler had to register himself for a rehab center to cure his addiction for prescription painkillers. He took these painkillers first time when he got injured during the shooting of one of this movie in 2007 and then gradually became addicted to those pills. However, he realized the severe impact of his addiction in an early stage and sought treatment from a holistic addiction treatment center before the things go out of control. Butler is seen most sober than ever after successfully completing his treatment at the rehab center.

Keith Urban

5 Celebrities who Choose Rehab Center & Got Sober

Due to her cocaine and alcohol addiction, Keith has been through rehab center for 3 times. Certainly he witnessed several relapses on his way but he is living a sober life again since last 6 years thanks to rehab center treatment.

Robert Downey Jr.

5 Celebrities who Choose Rehab Center & Got Sober

“I’ve been to rehab centers again and again. Finally, I could succeed in living a drug-free life since 2003. And I give all the credit to my beloved ones – my family members, meditation, therapy, yoga and the practice of Wing Chun Kung Fu, and a 12-step recovery program”, says Downey in one of his recent interviews with a health magazine US.  Today, Downey is a inspiring character and a role model for many people across the country who are drug or alcohol addict and struggling for recovery. Today, he is living a sober and clean lifestyle, and not to miss that he is more successful now than ever.


5 Celebrities who Choose Rehab Center & Got Sober

He was a huge addict of alcohol and painkillers. He went to rehab center a few years ago. “I was first relapsed within 3 weeks and my condition become worst within a month. Then I sought treatment from a rehab center and become sober again in April, 2008. Elton John is a very good friend of mine and he was my mentor too during my tough time”.

Kelly Osbourne

5 Celebrities who Choose Rehab Center & Got Sober

Kelly was only 17 when she became addicted to Vicodin.  It was the fourth visit in a rehab in 2009 when she finally felt positive about her chances of recovery. Rehab center gave me another chance to live my life, happiness and build up my career once again.

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Author bio: Jennifer is a columnist in a health magazine of the USA. As  a part of her work, she has researched a lot about various methods, therapies or treatments used at Holistic rehab centers across the country.

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