5 Celebrities Who Use Hair Extensions

Celebrities Who Use Hair Extensions

If you imagine your favorite celebrity has naturally long and lush hair, you’re totally wrong. Just like all of us, celebrities also have hair problems and at times boost their hairstyle with extensions.

Since rich and famous people totally transform their looks usually, they need something that allows them a quick change. Extensions are awesome for that because you can go from short hair to long and lush, glamorous looks in minutes.

Dyeing your hair is also a problem because it can harm your hair greatly, so extensions deliver a solution for that situation as well. You can get whatever color you can think of and create a striking look. That is especially important if you’re a superstar. Since you must stand out and be separate from the herd and get noticed in the process.

At times, people don’t know how many celebrities actually wear hair extensions and blonde tape in hair extensions because they hide them well. Most celebrities have attempted to use hair extensions at least once. Many stars wear them almost all the time! So, look at the greatest list of favorite and hit models, singers, and actresses who use extensions.

Vanessa Hudgens

Vanessa Hudgens

Renowned for her hit role in the High School Musical, Vanessa Hudgens is also famous as a big fan of hair extensions. She revealed her hair with a bunch of different and unique hairstyles, but what we noticed is the long, black, luscious hair.

Her hair is completely straight extending down to her waist, giving her strength and confidence. Vanessa looks amazing and shows what strong effect extensions have.

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez

The gorgeous Latina also famous simply as J. Lo. is well known for her curvaceous body and stunning looks. She was always quite constant with her hair color which was always a softer or a darker shade of brown. But you may not know that Miss Lopez often wears hair extensions? That’s right, at many of her appearances you can spot very long, gorgeous locks that are not all her hair.

But what is great about her hairstyle is that she always tries to keep the hair very natural and at times you don’t always notice that she has some additional hair to the performance.

Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston

Hit TV Sitcom star Jennifer Aniston is known for one of the most prominent 90s hairstyles, known as “The Rachel”. The look was made well-known for her role as Rachel, and soon everybody around the world started having the same hairstyle.

Fortunately, Jennifer moved on from the famous 90s look and went with a more modern and up-to-date look. Jennifer is a celebrity that often uses extensions to change her look in movies and in other performances and she does it very well. Her blonde and brown hair looks very natural and that’s what’s so gorgeous about it.

Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez is the most beautiful young Hollywood star. She is a role model to many young girls and there’s a sound reason why. She’s successful, well-known, young, beautiful, and a trendsetter. Selena is most renowned for her dark brown wavy hairstyle, although she did try lighter shades and at times even blonde. But dark brown is her signature color and her long waves are often because of some amazing extensions.



Queen B is one of the most powerful celebrities around the world and an icon of fashion and ambassador of style. Starting as one-third of the favorite Destiny’s Child group, she started her solo career and created a brand of her own. Today, we know who Beyoncé is and millions of women want to be her and copy her every move.

She really has it all! She can sing, dance, perform, and model, she has a flawless body and also has a very desirable booty, her face is beautiful, and her hair is magnificent. Beyoncé’s sensual curls are always highlighted in her concerts and music videos. You always see the wind through her hair, as a perfect look. Although we’re sure that Beyoncé’s natural hair is beautiful, it is clear that she’s often sporting long extensions. Big and bouncy hair is very crucial for performances and extensions provide just that.

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