5 Cheap Camera Options For YouTube 2020


Having a YouTube channel is fun but creating and planning the content is not less than any job. Anyone can showcase their expertise and skills with a little investment and earn money on this platform. That’s why, as of 2020, YouTube has turned into a serious profession for many people.

But to be a successful YouTuber, one has to deal with many hectic tasks. Some of them include creating quality content, sustainability, promotions, intelligence, and creativity. Besides, the basic need of any YouTuber is to have a good camera that captures and spreads their creativity to different people.

Remember that you will require one of the finest cameras to shoot the videos and grow your vlogs, whether you are an upcoming YouTuber or an already famous personality. And the important thing is that some community members might not have any problem with owning an expensive camera. Still, the rest might be uncomfortable buying it in the first instance.

But you don’t have to fret about the money because, in today’s market, you will find many cheap camera options for YouTube, that too, with no compromise on quality and functionality. And in this article, we’ve handpicked the top 5 cheap camera options for YouTubeNow, an upcoming or even a newbie can shine like a pro-YouTuber with little investment and enormous talent.


Sony ZV-1

The Sony ZV-1 is one of the best cameras you can find in the market. That’s why I let it sit at the top of the list. And well, it’s just not me; you can also see many experts and professional photographers suggesting ZV-1 as one of the finest choices, especially among many cheap camera options for YouTube.

This camera is worth buying as it has the perfect set of vivid and powerful lenses, remarkable autofocus, and sober design optimizations. So, this device has everything that you wish to have in a camera for those perfect shots.


  • 11.0 frames/ second
  • Light and super handy to carry anywhere
  • Wireless and Bluetooth connectivity
  • Coherent screen
  • 4K ability
  • 120 frames/ second



  • Short optical zoom (2.9X)


Canon EOS M6 Mark II

The canon EOS M6Mark II is a solid product with rocking features like 32.5 megapixels and 14 frames/ second continuous shooting. Additionally, you can capture an uncropped 4k video that can shoot up to 30 frames/ second and a 1080 full HD quality video with 120 frames/ second. These fantastic features make this camera a perfect choice for vlogging or high-quality YouTube videos.


  • Articulating screen
  • 4K video shooting
  • Effortlessly portable and lightweight
  • Electronic optional viewfinder
  • 33.0 Mega Pixel resolution
  • Have an external microphone port for better audio quality



  • Image stabilization is missing!


Sony Alpha 6100

Alpha A6100 is another excellent product of Sony that has lived up to all expectations. The best features of this camera are quick yet accurate autofocus and exceptional low-light functionality. Besides, it also has some interesting features like a 3″ tilting screen, 120 frames/ second, 1440k electronic dot viewfinder, high-speed video, and an external microphone port for extended audio quality. Also, it has a selfie-friendly LCD screen that works like a charm for vlogging.


  • Wireless, NFC, and Bluetooth connectivity
  • 11.0 frames/ second fast continuous shooting
  • Portable and clever design
  • External microphone port



  • No built-in image stabilization


GoPro Hero8 Black

GoPro has been making impressive vlogging devices for years, which dramatically impacts video quality and shooting. And the Hero8 Black is another rising star in the field of action cameras.

This camera is popular for giving the best angle, stabilization, and shooting options that you might not see in every device. Moreover, Hero8 Black is extremely good when it comes to image stabilization, and thus it doesn’t face much competition. It’s the best of its kind, and currently, has become a top choice for many renowned YouTube faces.

If you’re planning to shoot videos with lots of vibrations and movements, then this gear will be a perfect option for you. Moreover, Hero8 Black comprises built-in flash, microphones, and a USB-C cable and comes with two GoPro rechargeable batteries.


  • Handy and easy portable
  • 4K capability
  • Extremely stabilized
  • Powerful built-in flash and microphones
  • Time-lapse videos- excellent quality
  • Highly user-friendly and responsive interface



  • Wi-Fi transfers take a little time.


Apple iPhone SE 2020

Last but not least, Apple iPhone SE! It is of no surprise that the iPhone works beyond the imagination. Thus, it is the only phone on the list that can compete with such powerful gears mentioned above.

The iPhone SE is the one that made a rocking entry in the all-new release of 2020. It has not only strapped down all its smartphone competitors but also managed to secure a place among the best cheap camera options for YouTube. No doubt, it has come out as triumphant. It offers the best features when it comes to shooting high-quality videos. Many people will underestimate this device because of its size, but the quality and power it has to offer are beyond limits.

It just looks small but can assist you in shooting even a 4K video. The best feature that I admire the most is its QuickTake feature, where you can click high-resolution pictures while recording a video. Moreover, its autofocus shows impressive results as in DSLR. It has a 12 MP resolution for the rear camera and 7 MP for the front camera.

Also, as with most iPhones, people may judge its ruggedness, but it’s just a myth as it can easily resist the damages caused by water and dust and comes with powerful battery life. This 2020 special edition iPhone is popular for its slim and lightweight design.


  • 4K shooting
  • Slim and lightweight
  • Can carry in the pocket!
  • Water and dust resistant
  • Comprehensive augment features
  • HD display
  • Unique features



  • No headphone port


The takeaway-

The list determines that you don’t need super expensive gear for better results. Thus, you can consider these cheap camera options for YouTube and buy one to create your videos. Even with gears under a thousand bucks, you can get almost all the high-tech features required for a great video, including 4k capabilities, image stabilization, and long battery life.


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