5 Easy Solutions For Your Slow Internet Problems

slow internet

Whether you are watching a movie on Netflix, working, or watching YouTube videos, slow internet can be frustrating! Internet use has increased between 50% to 70% in the post-Covid 19 era, with people increasingly depending on it for work and entertainment.

The internet speed affects your online activity, so having a fast and reliable internet connection is essential. 

While most times the issues concerning the speed are an ISP problem, some are not and are very easy to solve. You don’t really have to call your internet provider every time your internet is slow. Here are some simple ways to boost your internet speed in 3 minutes.


Reboot Your Router

Rebooting clears your router’s cache and shuts down active but unnecessary processes. Occasionally shutting down the router and rebooting it will make your connection more efficient or shift it to a better, less crowded channel.

You can easily do this by connecting the router to an outlet timer.and setting it to shut down when you are asleep or when you have left your house/office.


Change The Router Position

Wireless signals are usually high frequency and short-range. Positioning your router in remote parts of the house will always give you slower speeds for your connection. 

Position the router in the room where you spend most of your internet time and in a central. If it is not possible to move your router, you can remove any blockages and interferences, especially metal objects, on the signal’s path.

This ensures that your internet signal is not degraded and your speeds are not reduced.

Scan For Viruses

Scan For Viruses

Viruses on your computers and devices sometimes suck resources from the device, including the internet, making the connection slow. Scanning for and getting rid of viruses when your computer is slow can help improve the internet speed.

A more long-term option is installing an effective antivirus program and setting it to scan your device periodically.  Make sure you also restrict its background data usage for effective performance.


Check For Data Caps

Your internet service provider may have restricted the amount of data you can transfer through your connection within a specified time. ISPs usually do not tell their users of these data caps even though they can seriously affect the connection.

If you have a speed or a connection problem every time towards the end of your connection period, chances are that this is the case. 

Some VPNs, like AirVPN, can remedy this problem and give you a better connection. Make sure you check on the effectiveness of your VPN by testing and checking better DNS ratings here.


Use Cabled Connections

Wireless connections provide convenience to internet users hence their popularity. The connections are however slower and less reliable than wired connections, so switching to a wired connection can be a solution to your internet speed problems.

Connect static devices like computers, TV, and game consoles using internet cables for faster speeds.


Boost Your Internet Speeds In 3 Minutes

Having a fast and reliable internet connection is becoming a must-have in the increasingly tech-savvy world. 55% of the global population has access to the internet, and practically everything goes through it, and so slow speeds can impact your work productivity and value of entertainment.

The above five ways are easy-to-do solutions that might get you faster internet in just 3 minutes.

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