5 Essential Accessories for Your Phone That’ll Make It More Useful 

iphone accessories

Over 250 million Americans own a smartphone. As it stands, no other digital device has managed to permeate the consumer market quite like them.

Why have smartphones become so darn successful? Because they’re insanely useful!

Think about it… Today, you’re able to schedule a meeting, make a call, send a birthday wish and manage your money all from a single device that you can pull out of your pocket!

If that doesn’t show you how far technology has come, we don’t know what does.

Despite how awesome smartphones are, all digital gadgets can be even better in our opinion.

To take your device’s usefulness to new heights, we recommend these outstanding accessories for your phone.

1. An External Battery

In order to do all of the great things that they’re capable of, smartphones need an outstanding battery. No matter how good your phone’s battery is though, on occasion, it’s going to run out of juice.

That’s when external batteries step in to save your life.

External batteries are typically small and can get your phone back up to 100% at a lightning-fast pace.

By carrying one around in your back pocket, you’ll never be left out in the cold without the juice that you need.

2. A Custom Case

These accessories for your phone favorite are particularly useful for iPhone owners. If your phone looks 100% identical to half of the phones in the room at any given time, you’re going to want an accessory that allows you to stand out from the pack.

The best thing that we can recommend is for you to go out and make your own custom phone case so there’s zero chance of somebody pulling your device off of a public charger and walking away with it.

Not only are custom phone cases a good buy for the practical reason that we’ve just mentioned but they also look downright cool.

3. A Lens Upgrade

Phone cameras have come a long way over the last 15+ years. Given how good they’ve become, today, phones take more pictures than dedicated cameras do.

If you’d like to take your already excellent phone photography to the next level, consider picking up one of the many clip-on lenses that you can buy in tech stores and online.

Clip-on lenses bring new depth to your mobile photography and will also add clarity to your pictures.

4. Portable Speakers

You never know when you’re going to be in a situation where you have to play DJ. Having the ability to whip out a portable speaker in said situations is a must.

Today, portable phone speakers are so small that some can be clipped onto key-chains!

5. A Credit Card Slip

Make like the rest of the world and ditch your wallet/purse. Attach a credit card slip to the back of your phone case, put your favorite method of payment and ID in there and you’re good to go.

The best part is that most slip-on holders will run you under a dollar!

Wrapping Up Our Essential Accessories for Your Phone Suggestions

Having the right accessories for your phone will take your mobile experience to all new heights. If that sounds like something that you’d enjoy, run to your closest tech destination and pick up one or all of the items that we’ve just suggested.

You will not regret your purchase!

Still need more tech-related advice? Our team has you covered!

We’re uploading new content to our blog constantly so pop over to read more of our binge-worthy write-ups!


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