5 Films That Will Make You Smarter

One of the ways to escape from your job and other activities is by watching a movie. After you do your math successfully, you may want to take time to relax by watching a film. This is definitely a great way to make use of during your leisure time after a long day’s work. Ideally, movies have different uses and some people will use them to get to understand books from which the films are developed from. Over and above that, movies can help you learn a lot of things and make you smarter than you are at the moment. Here are 5 films that can boost your intelligence quotient and make you smarter than you are today:

  1. The Giver (2014)

This film revolves around how society is wired to hunt for a calm and peaceful world without hate, war and bad things happening. This is exemplified through Jonas. However, things start to change when he is required to sit under the teachings of an elder known as the giver. Here, he gets to learn about the hateful and the ugly coming from other regions. To cope, Jonas has had balance and manage emotions, something that you will get to learn as well!


  1. “Limitless” (2011)

In this film, a struggling writer is introduced to a mysterious pill that helps him to make use of his brain fully. His life is greatly enhanced after using the NZT-48 drug. The lessons from this movie are not from the drug but how you can get primed to think smarter. In psychology, priming defines the non-conscious human memory that deals with the continuous identification of objects and words.

  1. “Memento” (2000)

Memento is about a man who cannot form new memories in their effort to find the person who killed his wife. The movie gets started in the middle and then goes back to where the events started in order to make you experience the same emotions as those of the protagonist. Juggling between these events is enough to enhance your attention, memory techniques and imaginations leading you to make conclusions on your own.

Benedict Cumberbatch

  1. “The Imitation Game” (2014)

This is a film about Alan Turing, a mathematician also known as the father of contemporary computing. His contribution in a British code-breaking operation during WWII is what earned him such accolades. The Imitation Game is about artificial intelligence, celebrating human ingenuity and encouraging the viewer to think outside the box. There is a lot of inspiration to learn more about the person and what he does.

“Primer” (2004)

  1. “Primer” (2004)

Primer is a drama based on science-fiction revolving around two engineers who stumble upon discovery on how to time travel. Using a non-linear framework, Memento makes an exploration of the philosophical implications of time travel and complex scientific theories and physics. It triggers your thinking about the events that evolve throughout the film.

Final Remarks

Interested in watching a film? That is a great idea. You could even get your paper written by a professional as you watch a movie because you get to learn from it. These movies are some of the many that will make you smarter.


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