5 Most Inspiring Movie Posters

What makes a storyboard inspiring? If you take a look at the site of this storyboard agency you can understand that poster design is crucial. For instance, let’s take movie posters. Take your time and think, ’what makes a movie poster memorable?’ Well, all the movie posters that gained momentum among the general public had some element that cannot be forgotten by us. Whenever we come across the movie name, we recall the poster due to this element.

Now it’s time to celebrate such posters. Let’s look at some of the most inspiring movie posters.



This was created by John Alvin, who was contacted by the director of the movie while he was still studying. The work was done as a freelance project by the designer. But the popularity of this poster opened new gates and led him to work on 135 films before he passed away. For the designer, this poster had some personal connection. The kid that we see in this poster is his daughter. Even now, this poster is being appreciated by people for its inner meaning; needing a friend from another world.

Jurassic Park:

This movie poster created an enormous interest among the public. Everyone started to ask what species it was. People from all parts of the world saw the movie to get answers to the questions they had in their minds. Although this is just a tale about the dinosaur park, it opened up a new genre of extinct species in movies around the world. For the first time, people were ready to learn about the species that were ruling the globe before the development of the human species. The poster played a crucial role in creating this huge impact.

Back to the Future:

This can be called the people’s science-fiction movie. The popularity of this movie started from the first poster. In general, science fiction movies are aimed at science fiction geeks. But this movie was quite different. The suburban time travel trilogy was a win-win strategy. It has managed to maintain its popularity among the next generation, and even future generations. Although all the predictions have not yet been proven right, the concept doesn’t look outdated. This is thanks to the designer, Drew Struzan.



The poster for this Duncan Jones’ science fiction movie was designed by the highly recognized design studio of today, “All City”. This debut movie of the director was very well supported by the poster. That’s because the main concept of the movie revolves around isolation and loneliness. The poster said this to people through the design. If you look at the poster carefully, you can understand a lot from it.

The Thing:

This is again the work of Drew Struzan, but this time the offer was from Universal Studios. An interesting thing is that he had less than a day to do complete this project. But he nailed it! The designer himself dressed up in a snow outfit and his wife captured a picture. From this, the whole design came out very well. His work and dedication should be appreciated.

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