5 Interesting Gadgets for Teachers


Technology has penetrated the education sector to the point that it’s not possible to effectively teach without gadgets and tech applications. As a teacher in today’s digital era, you need to invest in gadgets that streamline the teaching process.

Gadgets not only make your work easier. They also make sure students have an easier time understanding new concepts. The classroom experience today is not the same as it used to be a decade ago. This is because, with each passing year, there are new applications being rolled out to ensure the classroom is as inclusive as possible.

Investing in new and improved gadgets as a teacher allows you to tap into next-generation capabilities. You can easily boost your productivity and explore new teaching methods.

Whereas teachers have innovative gadgets they can count on, students have resources like Write My Essay that ensure they have an easier time meeting assignment deadlines.

The following gadgets are interesting additions to a teacher’s teaching toolbox.

iPad Air

1. iPad Air

At number one, we have iPad Air, which offers teachers unrivaled flexibility. This is a mobile device that allows you to keep up with the progress of your students regardless of where you are.

With the iPad Air, you can update your timetable and ensure you don’t miss any lessons. This single device allows you to stay organized and up to date with your schedules. You can download educational apps that help you enhance learning for your students.

The gadget’s simple connectivity allows you to share what you have with your class by simply swiping and tapping. Its sleek design ensures that it doesn’t easily slip for your hand. This is a functional and aesthetically appealing device that boosts your performance as a teacher.


2. Document Camera

Who thought that teachers would one day have access to a camera specifically designed for capturing documents? A document camera saves you from the hassle of having to produce several copies of a non-digital document so that all students in your class can see it.

This gadget focuses on the document you want and allows you to project it on a wall. This is an easy to use application that ensures you make your class as inclusive as possible. It is a wide-angle camera, which means it clearly captures what you want to project on the board.

It also comes with audio and video capabilities, which means you can record and stream content during a class. To achieve a connected classroom, you should consider investing in a document camera.


3. Wireless Keyboard

With a wireless keyboard, you can easily be mobile and stay connected with your computer. Wireless keyboards are innovative gadgets that give teachers all the benefits of an ordinary keyboard. The gadget’s enhanced mobility of a tablet allows you to carry it around the classroom freely.


4. Einstein Clock

The Einstein Clock is definitely a creative and innovative gadget for a classroom setup. Unlike the conventional clock, the Einstein Clock makes telling time an educational moment for students.

For a student to tell what time it is, they have to calculate the hours and the minutes as indicated on the clock. The beauty of this clock is that it allows the teacher to set different difficulty levels.

Aside from keeping students engaged, it helps the teacher find out which students still have a hard time telling time.


5. Wireless Teacher Microphone

If you’re teaching a big class, students at the back are likely to have a hard time hearing you. With a wireless microphone, you can ensure that no student is left behind. If you’re in a class with poor acoustics, you can easily salvage the situation with wireless teacher microphones.



These interesting gadgets give teachers an easy time in class. As a teacher, you need to take advantage of technology to ensure your class is as inclusive as possible.


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