5 Key Steps in the Game Logo Design Process


Logo You’ve designed your game, now you need to design the logo.

Your logo plays an integral part in the marketing of your game and is often one of the first things your audience will see. But when your expertise is game design, not a logo design, it can be hard to know where to start.

We are here to help. Read on for the key steps in the game logo design process.

  1. Create A Design Brief

Your logo needs to speak for your game, so the first thing you need to do is define what you want it to say. The genre, style, and setting of your game should all inform your logo. You know your game better than anyone, so you are best placed to express it in logo form.

Try building a mind map to distill the information into keywords and phrases. You’ll want to keep these in mind when you start putting your designs down on paper.

  1. Look at Competitor Logos

If you want a game logo to be noticed, it needs to stand out from the pack. And in order to do this, you need to look at the logos your competitors are using.

This is known in the industry as the Industry Discover Phase. This will inform you of what techniques are working, what appears to be overused, and where the gaps in the market are.

Look at the trends that are popular in your genre and gaming in general. Try and find a way that your logo can stand out.

  1. Start Sketching

By now you are probably starting to have a few logo ideas. But before you start work on your final design, you should start sketching. Sketching is a fast and easy way to brainstorm your ideas.

This is a great way to quickly see what works and what doesn’t in practice. When you have singled in on your favorite design try iterating on it to try and find the best possible version.

  1. Break Out the Design Software

Now it is time to commit to your favorite logo designs. Take your game logo maker software and recreate these designs.

Start playing around with typography and colors. Look back at your mind map to see if any colors best suit your game. Try and refine each of your favorite designs until you are satisfied, and then choose the one that you feel works best.

  1. Get Feedback

Even the best designers need to get an outside perspective on their designs.

The longer you work on designing a logo, the harder it becomes to critique it yourself. A fresh set of eyes can often reveal problems and improvements that you have overlooked.

The difficult part is figuring out what feedback to act on. Focus on how you want the logo to represent the game. Always ask whether a piece of feedback will better represent that goal.

Five-Step Logo Design Process

Any successful logo has to instantly convey the mood of your game, while also stand out from the crowd. By following our logo design process you will be able to design a logo that shows off your game and catches the eye.

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