5 Lifestyle Tweaks to Help You Get the Girl


Walking up to a girl at a party and dropping a pick-up line might have worked ten years ago, but when you’re trying to form a serious relationship with a special woman, then you need to consider making bigger changes. Revising the way you present yourself in a day-to-day fashion can help you to win her affection.

Build Your Confidence

Women are attracted to confidence. You want to showcase your best qualities, but you also don’t want to come across as conceited. Telling one or two jokes to make her smile or trying your best on the treadmill at the gym can show that you are confident in your talents. However, if you endlessly spew a stream of riddles or make it a point to walk past her carrying huge weights, you can present as arrogant.

Take Care of Yourself

While physical appearance is not the only element that matter in romantic relationships, it does play a role. That doesn’t mean you need to change your entire physique, but learn how to respect your body. Shower daily and use deodorant. If necessary, schedule an appointment with your dentist and orthodontist. According to Dr. James Glauser, an orthodontist in Mesa, AZ, “The goal of orthodontics is improving the alignment and appearance of the jaw and mouth. Orthodontics can improve the bite and function of a jawbone that has undergone poor development or physical trauma. These services will make your life easier, boost your self-confidence, and brighten your future.”

Contrary to what you may have heard growing up, you don’t need to abandon red meat for tofu and salad. In fact, you shouldn’t! You watch your fat and calorie intake, but you should be eating a reasonable amount of testosterone-producing foods. Testosterone helps your body remain fit and strong, and will help motivate you to exercise and engage women in conversation. In order to increase your testosterone, proper diet and exercise are key! Chicken and fish are ideal, but burgers and bacon aren’t off the table, as long as you keep an eye on your BMI and blood pressure. Resistance training will help your body develop its own testosterone. A sedentary lifestyle and pornographic addiction can harm testosterone production. According to Increase Testosterone Naturally, “Regardless of whether you’re a keen bodybuilder or simply a guy who wants to fix a lagging sex drive, there’s no denying the incredible benefits that come from having higher testosterone levels.”

Be Reliable

Girls love a man who can be depended on. She wants to know he can follow through on his commitments. If you show a girl that you are irresponsible, then she is likely to doubt your ability to commit to a relationship. When you are a little bit behind on your bills, for example, now is probably not the time to share that information. Instead, make a plan for tackling the issues that you’re currently experiencing, and show a great deal of responsibility when you are with her.

Grow Up

Being immature was fun when you were a teenager, but the further you drag those lifestyle habits into adulthood, the less cute it gets. Now don’t fret; I’m not telling you to go become a monk! Maturity has very little to do with taking yourself (or much else) seriously. Rather, it has everything to do with becoming independent and taking responsibility for your own situation. Entitlement is extremely unattractive! So is selfishness! Eliminate any trace of excuses or blame from your attitude. Learn to be grateful. Learn how to put others wants before your own (in a way that still leaves you self-fulfilled). Learn how to interact with people in a respectful way. These are the habits of a real man! And real women prefer real men to little boys. Brett McKay has written about what it takes to “man up” in this article.

Find a Conversation Balance

No one wants to listen to a person who talks about him or herself without ever taking a break. On the other hand, sitting and staring at a person makes for an awkward first or second date. Learning how to balance a conversation shows her that you are interested in the two of you getting to know one another. Everyone loves talking about themselves, so ask her questions. But don’t interrogate. Don’t be overbearing, but do talk a little bit about what you are passionate about. All women are attracted to men who have enthusiasm about life! So get excited! And while you’re working on that, here’s Ten Conversation Starters for the First Date.

You should not have to change your entire being for a girl. If you do, she isn’t the right person for you. And I hope that’s not what you’re hearing! I want you to go out there and be yourself. But be the best version of yourself! Start setting some small goals to improve in these areas, and you will see the results in your dating life almost immediately! As these habits become a part of your being, you will begin to become the alpha you were born to be!

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