5 Most Addictive iPad Games

Since Apple came out with their mobile devices, handheld gaming consoles from popular brands like Sony and Nintendo are slowly being beaten in sales. Its primary use, naturally, is for communication. But, with hundreds of apps available in the market today, iPhones are making waves in the gaming community.

When the iPad was released a few years later, web and app developers came up with ingenious and very addictive games that prove to be more enjoyable on a wider screen. Here are some of the most popular and cheap games, which can be enjoyed on your iPad:

Casino Games on Mobile

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Plants vs. Zombies

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When this game was released in 2009 by PopCap, it became a huge hit. The idea of defending your home and life from brain-hungry zombies is depicted in numerous movies and hit TV shows nowadays but PopCap made it more fun. Even gaming critics loved the peashooters, cherry bombs and, of course, the different types of zombies (quarterbacks and pole vaulters) tottering on your lawn. Aside from on iPad, Plants vs. Zombies can be played in other platforms as well.

Fruit Ninja

Whoever thought of this game is a complete genius. It is so simple yet very addictive. All you really need to do is rapidly slice the fruits being tossed on the screen to pieces without ‘dropping’ it whole. You get a point every time you accomplish this. If you were able to do ‘multiple fruit slices’, you get more points.

Words with Friends

For those people who think that cutting up fruits and killing off zombies aren’t that challenging, they can try this word game from Zynga which is an adaptation of the well-loved Scrabble. The rules are pretty much the same. The only difference is that you can play with different people simultaneously and hit the pause button on the game anytime you want. If you beat your friend, you can even post it on Facebook or Twitter.

Angry Birds

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Perhaps, the most ubiquitous game which you will find on iPad and other gaming consoles and mobile phones is Angry Birds. You must have been living under a rock if you haven’t seen or tried this puzzle game yet. Some people think that this game is for kids – until you’ve tried it and seen how difficult it is to hit those annoying little pigs (some are even wearing helmets) with these very angry, always frowning birds.

While you can download some of these games for free in Apple’s app store, some have to be bought. When you’re considering playing casino games, be sure to read reviews and only choose the safest options. You can click here to learn more about the safest sites on which to play these games on your iPad.


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