5 Myths About Sugar That You Should Stop Believing


Is sugar addictive? Will it make kids hyperactive? Check out 5 common myths about sugar get busted.

Myth: Some types of sugar are good for you than others. All types of sugar have the same result Brown sugar, white, or raw: it all turns to glucose in your body.

Myth: Sugar makes kids hyperactive. Research has shown no direct relationship between sugar and hyperactivity in children. Kids are just being kids and they have the energy whether they have sugar or not.

Myth: Sugar is as addictive as cocaine. MRIs show sugar lights up pleasure centers in the brain, but there is no real proof that its effect is addictive. You just like candies, you are not addicted to them. And you don’t face the same retreating symptoms with sugar, as you would when you stop taking drugs.

Myth: Artificial sweeteners are good for you than sugar. Actually, one research found that people who drank 21 diet drinks per week were twice as likely to become overweight than those who didn’t.

Myth: You should exclude sugar from your diet. While too much sugar is bad for you and there is no doubt about that, sugar is in many nutritional foods like fruits and vegetables. So it would be difficult to drop from a healthy diet. So you will take sugar anyway but remember but all that glucose to good use. Get out exercise and stop binging shows on your couch.

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