5 Outstanding Trending Topics in the Tech Industry


Of the entire 7.77 billion people on this planet, 4.54 billion of them are active internet users.

That’s more than half the world’s population who are actively on the web. This trend has been steadily increasing in the past few years and is expected to continue to rise.

Technology has shaped the world we live in today, bringing people together in ways we would have never imagined and bringing dreams into reality.

If you are an avid tech fan, check out this list of trending topics in tech that many consider being the next big thing.

Artificial Intelligence

1. Artificial Intelligence

The idea of artificial intelligence has been around for thousands of years, stemming from ancient Greek myths. It wasn’t until the past century that the artificial intelligence that we are familiar with has come to creation.

The complexity that is associated with artificial intelligence makes it hard to put a single definition for what exactly it is. The most widely accepted answer to many is simply “making machines smart.”

By making machines smart, the goal is to have the device (computer) complete a task that would typically only be able to be completed by a human.

Some examples of Artificial Intelligence around us include:

  • Siri and Alexa
  • Movie/ TV show recommendations
  • Google search results
  • Self-driving technology
  • And so much more

Computer systems can be powered by machine learning, deep learning, or by a set of rules that defines how the system learns. The computer system then learns from the information that it processes, making it “smart.”


2. PDF Converter

With the massive amounts of data and information online today, businesses and organizations are faced with the daunting task of streamlining this information to be easily accessible.

According to Shred-it, up to 80 percent of companies’ processes are still being managed on paper. This creates a headache for anyone involved.

Now there is a solution, by using the technology of a pdf converter, you can convert this data into pdf form, saving time and money while reducing errors.


3. Internet of Things (IoT)

With so many people being connected to the internet, companies have found a new way of tracking information, through the use of connected devices.

The Internet of Things consists of every device that is connected to the internet, from smartphones to wearables. The goal of IoT is to collect as much information as possible and analyze it to create a solution to common problems.

The IoT helps improve existing processes to be more efficient and will save us time, money, and resources.

History of Blockchain

4. Blockchain

If you have heard anything about blockchain, it was most likely talking about Bitcoin since blockchain technology is needed to have a cryptocurrency, like the most significant cryptocurrency Bitcoin.

A blockchain records and totals transactions from a peer-to-peer network. Consumers can buy and sell on the internet using this technology without the need for a central clearing authority. The result of having blockchain is a reliable and efficient way of producing transactions.


5. Cloud Computing

With all the information being stored and shared across the internet, it has created a problem in itself, where does this information get stored?

This is where cloud computing comes in. The process involves using remote servers to store, manage, and process data.

This technology update allows more information to be stored on the internet without having to store the data on a personal computer or server.


More Tech Trending Topics

Technology is continuously evolving and improving every day. These breaking technology advancements are shaping the world we live in today and are improving our way of life.

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