5 Reasons it’s Easier than Ever to Bet on Esports


The boom in popularity of esports isn’t just restricted to increased audiences and expanded event coverage. In addition to the hundreds of millions of viewers who are regularly tuning into live streams and online broadcasts, millions more are now turning their attention to the evolving esports gambling market. In 2020 alone, it’s estimated that more than 6 million people were regularly betting on esports events. This equates to revenues of around 14 billion US dollars, with significantly more money expected to be wagered in the years going forward. Although wagering on esports may seem fairly complicated, it’s just as easy as betting on conventional sporting events.


1. A Huge Range of Bet Types

There’s a huge range of betting options when it comes to wagering on esports. Firstly, there’s a diverse range of gaming titles you can bet on. If you’re a huge fan of Call of Duty or a committed player of a certain fighting game, you can use your in-depth knowledge of those titles to make a sensible bet on the outcome of a given match. Betting on the simple outcome of an esports fixture is largely similar to wagering on conventional sports.

If you’re less knowledgeable when it comes to video games, you can still bet on esports outcomes. You may want to consider wagering on sporting games, including the FIFA series. Basic betting principles remain largely identical, with many of the same betting options available to you. In addition to being able to bet on the outcome of the result of a match at full-time, you can wager on total goals scored, half-time results, and more.


2. Increased Event and Tournament Coverage

Another reason why it’s easier than ever to bet on esports events is that coverage of matches and tournaments has increased substantially. Nowadays, you don’t have to attend events in person to determine which teams or individual players are worth staking money on. Online platforms like 1337PRO are invaluable for would-be punters looking for an at-a-glance resource for establishing what’s going on in the world of esports. Not only do these platforms give you a clear indicator of performance, but they also provide live streaming and video options, allowing you to assess how esports events unfold in real-time.


3. An Improved Betting Market

The global audience for esports was estimated to be more than 470 million in 2021. This number looks set to reach almost 580 million by 2024. These viewing statistics rival many many traditional sports and online bookmakers have taken note.

Many online betting platforms offer a full range of esports betting odds and options alongside conventional sports. You won’t struggle to find betting options on the biggest esports tournaments and events. However, the growing betting market for esports means available odds are fairly competitive. If you want the best potential returns, make sure you’re weighing up your options carefully. Some bookmakers will often far more desirable odds than others, even if the outcome of an esports event seems like a sure thing.


4. You Can Use Any Type of Currency

One interesting development in the world of esports betting is that cryptocurrencies are becoming increasingly accepted as a method of payment. Cryptocurrencies were initially embraced as a way to overcome the issues surrounding so-called skins betting, but have since become a more general wagering currency. Many online bookmakers will accept the likes of Bitcoin and Ethereum alongside the US dollar and other standard currencies. This not only makes esports betting incredibly accessible but a viable way of utilizing cryptocurrency you may struggle to spend elsewhere.


5. Relaxed Legal Restrictions on Esports Betting

As with any type of gambling, restrictions around betting on the outcome of esports events can be complicated. However, as esports has become more established and accepted as something close to a genuine sport, the rules and regulations surrounding wagering on events have become more relaxed. Provided your local jurisdiction allows for gambling on sporting events, you shouldn’t have any issues when it comes to wagering on the outcomes of an esports event. Just make sure you’re betting on a credible online platform that’s based in, or licensed to do business in, your home country.

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