5 Reasons People Seek Anonymity on the Internet

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When it comes to online anonymity, there are people who argue that” If you are not doing anything wrong, you have nothing to hide.” Those who argue this way believe that people who hide their identities are those who want to engage in devious activities. However, this is not always the case. There are circumstances that make it necessary for a person to want to remain anonymous.

Here are some of the reasons why people opt to hide their identities online;


1. Your data is secure

Many services are offered online. From online banking to online shopping, and even socializing, there are several places one puts in their personal data. Personal data is very valuables and hackers are always trying to find ways to steal it. If they get access to the data, they can steal things like credit card information and you can end up losing your hard-earned money. If they access your social media profiles, they can end up ruining your reputation and even using your data to access other people’s profiles.

Being anonymous protects your data from getting into the hands of hackers. The current anonymous tech in place only allows people to be anonymous to a certain extent. This makes it necessary for people to use additional tools like using a VPN to enable them to be fully anonymous online.


2. Personal safety

Online anonymity makes it possible for online users to browse safely without worrying that their identity and location being revealed. When you browse anonymously online, you are almost certain that you can browse without fearing that you will be targeted and possibly physically harmed.


3. Free speech

Being anonymous gives you the freedom to share your story with anyone without fear of being identified and victimized. We live in a world where people who do not agree with others end up being trolled and even shamed. This leads to people closing their online accounts and opting to leave the internet realm. Being anonymous allows you to air your views without worrying that you will be judged or experience severe backlash.

You can air your views anonymously on blogs that use anonymous tech to keep your identity hidden. That way, you can air your views and speak your mind without any fear.


4. You can have an online persona

People choose to be anonymous because they can have a different persona. People who are online under pseudo names can be sure that their online personas will not interfere with their personal lives. With an anonymous persona, you can compartmentalize your hobbies and separate them from your personal lives. Think of it this way, you get to have a double life where you can choose your personality.


5. Freedom of movement

When you are anonymous, you get the freedom to move around online. You can shop, watch videos, and download content without fear that you will be judged. There are even online communities that require the members to be anonymous and not reveal their identities. This is seen in some online games where members choose the avatars they want to represent themselves.

The youth are drawn to the online world since it caters to most of their needs. This makes them prone to become victims of online snoopers. Nobody wants the world to know everything they do online. Being anonymous helps them to keep some things to themselves. They now have the freedom to explore new things, interact with new people, and decide who can have access to their data.

There are several reasons people choose to remain anonymous while online. In the current world where people are trolled, shamed, and cyberbullied, everyone, need to be protected. Choosing to be anonymous gives people that chance to safely browse online. There are several tools one can use to protect their identity from other online browsers. One of the ways is through the use of VPNs that are available for devices using different operating systems.

There is so much potential online as its potential has not been reached. Being anonymous makes it possible for internet exploration to continue as it removes all limits imposed. Instead of trying to bind people to their names, they should be protected and be allowed to explore the internet without fear.


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