5 Reasons Why American’s Love Die Hard

Well, there are many more reasons to love Die Hard and not just American’s love it but all over the world people love Die Hard and mostly Mr.McClane.

I think it is very hard to kill the “Die Hard” Franchise which obviously lives up to its name but mostly for the reason a lot of people from the previous generation got so many memories and memorable moments attached to the Franchise and thanks to ‘s witty and sharp come back dialogues and a lot of boom bang leads it to the good direction (terrorists).

Yes somehow a little sensible Terrorist killing movie never let you down, Instead, it sparks patriotism and makes the Character invincible and that’s actually what happened in the DieHard case ‘Hammer hit the right spot at the very right moment’.

Still, thinking why people Love DieHard?

So here you go a very alive and very successful Franchise and why we love it even more? You will see it below in this amazing infographic by FinancesOnline.

why we love diehard

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