5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Buy Instagram Followers

You may have come across these types of ads: “$4 for 500 Followers | 100% authentic Instagram Followers‎” or “Buy Instagram Followers in no time | Genuine Followers Fast for the success of your brand.” If you are a business struggling to gain online success, or someone wishing to become an influencer quickly, these ads might look so tempting. But do not give a second thought to them. There are sensible reasons why you must not buy Instagram followers. Similarly, don’t be desirous by the ads offering to buy Instagram followers. They likewise will give little long-term advantage, and may well damage your account’s standing.

First of all, it makes no logical sense to buy fake-free Instagram likes or followers. Anybody can spot fake followers. However, there are 5 reasons to let you know why you should not get fake-free Instagram likes and followers.


1. Instagram Recognizes Fake Followers

For free Instagram followers, you must not violate the term and policies of Instagram. This social app wants its users to have an enjoyable experience. Therefore it puts some effort into recognizing and eradicating fake accounts. Instagram searching for fake accounts on daily basis. They have experience in finding fake accounts and know all the ciphers to look out for.


2. You Might End up with Inappropriate Bot Comments on Posts

Sometimes you get comments from fake followers. You have no idea what they say. You may find that these comments are really ads for extremist political groups or sex toys. Bot accounts make generic comments on posts. Sometimes you might not sure whether a comment is genuine. An occasional problem you spot is when these particular comments are totally inappropriate for a particular post. For instance, you might make a post publicizing the death of a family member or pet. A fake follower’s comment “nice post” or “good one” doesn’t exactly look suitable to the other people perusing your account. Therefore you should not buy Instagram followers for the sake of free Instagram likes with zero engagement of your post.


3. Bought Followers Bring Spam with Them

While people purchase followers, they are entirely fake, others are bots for spam. By purchasing these fake followers you are inviting buckets of spam posts. These spammers have access to your followers to deliver your spam as well. Some of your followers will follow them and when they truly found quality for these accounts, your genuine followers may unfollow you.

4. Fake Instagram Followers do not engage with Your Account

It is a clear fact that you cannot gain genuine engagement with fake followers. Sometimes they are not real people at all and merely fake bot accounts. The best engagement on your Instagram account is the ones that got like and nice comments. This is particularly important who want to be influencer. Therefore, you should avoid buying Instagram followers and work on your content and engagement to get free likes and a genuine following.


5. You will not earn money using fake followers

Ultimately you ask yourself why you want to buy Instagram followers. These users, whether they are real or fake accounts, will not spend any investment on your products. They will not refer genuine people to you. Therefore, it is better to achieve genuine followers rather than bots. Because in end, you will not find any benefit in buying Instagram followers.


If you want to be an influencer, brands will choose to work with you on the basis of genuine followers. Brands do not choose their influencers based on their fake number of followers. There are now many tools and websites available to help brands. The agencies and platforms are selective about who they take on their books. They do not want to be throbbed by working with unworthy accounts. Above mentioned 5 reasons are sound and logical to warn you why you should not buy Instagram followers. Instead, you can via Ins followers app to get followers on Instagram instantly.


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