5 Reasons Your Business Should Use Pre-Loaded Flash Drives

Flash drives

Flash drives have so many uses in business. They can be used to distribute information to employees, store important business plans, or even as promotional products for customers. Regardless of the use, preloaded flash drives have so many benefits for a business. Some of them include the following.

They Can Be Programmed to be Non-Erasable

The first key benefit of preloaded flash drives is that they can be programmed to be non-erasable. This is beneficial in cases you don’t want the intended users to ever delete the information. For instance, for promotional products, you can have some non-erasable content to ensure that the flash drive continues to make a lasting impression on the client. For employees, you can do this to safeguard important information from intentional or accidental deletion.

Data Can Be Secured Through Password Encryption

When password encryption is applied, preloaded flash drives are extremely secure. The encryption prevents unauthorized access to data and information in the flash drive. Unauthorized access to company files should be avoided at all costs because it can harm a business’s competitiveness and even its reputation.

They Are Easy to Carry

Preloaded flash drives are small and weightless and this makes them highly portable. You can use them to store information that you or your employees need to make presentations during meetings, training or events. Portability also makes it a perfect gift for your customers or clients.

They Can be Custom Made to Match Your Business’s Needs

With custom made preloaded flash drives, you get to specify the memory you need as well as the outward appearance. USB drives are available in different memory sizes and thus you don’t have to pay for memory space you don’t need. You can buy as low as 2GB if you intend to use them for small files. Secondly, the outward appearance can be custom made to match your brand. You get to choose a color, size, shape, image or logo and message that will appear on your flash drive. The outward appearance is essential in cases where you will be distributing these to customers and prospects as part of your marketing campaigns. Also, if you will be using the drive for presentations in big events, it has to look professional.

Information on Preloaded Files Can Be Updated Continually

Thanks to advances in technology, you can update the information on preloaded flash drives continually using special software. This is an essential feature, especially considering businesses make changes every day. The automatic update will ensure that the data your customers and employees have is always up-to-date.

Why You Should Choose a Reputable Supplier

Designing a custom flash drive and preloading it with information can be a tough task, but thankfully there are a number of companies that offer such services. All you have to do is give them your external specifications and information you need preloaded and they will do it for you. By working with a company specializing in custom flash drives, you will get the job done fast and cost-effectively. Such companies have invested in high tech programs that allow them to preload a bunch of flash drives all at once without any duplication.

However, you should be very careful when selecting custom design and flash drive preloaded services. Selecting the wrong service can harm your business in three key ways. One, you can get low-quality products that don’t serve the purpose for the intended period. Two, a con company can deliver flash drives that are infected with malicious software. When such software infects your computers or your customers’ computers, data can be lost, files corrupted, information stolen, your reputation ruined and customers lost. Finally, a company that is not reputable may sell your confidential information to other parties.

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