5 Surprisingly Smart Hollywood Celebrities

Entertaining others is a difficult job. It takes a great deal of effort, stamina and skill just to pull off an amazing role in a movie or on stage. Yes, celebrities are smart people too! And they can surely amaze you with their acting skills. Here is a list of surprisingly smart Hollywood actors that you didn’t know about.

Paul Walker:

Do you merely remember Walker as a handsome action film star? Yes? You’re in for a surprise. Acting was not the career Paul Walker initially intended to pursue. He studied marine biology in community college and dreamed of pursuing it as a profession. But probably destiny took him to Hollywood. Walker’s first role as Skip Martin in 1998 Pleasantville was supposed to fund his education. But more and more offers started rolling in and Walker decided to go with the flow.

paul walker

He didn’t however get completely sidetracked. You don’t need to go to college to get an education. In 2005, he starred in the thriller Into the Blue as it allowed him to spend time under water. In 2006, he became a part of Billfish foundation, an organization which keeps a check on the population and health of fish around the globe. In 2011, his passion took him to National Geographic’s ‘Expedition Great White’ where he spent time catching and tagging white sharks off the coast of Mexico.

‘Handsome is as Handsome does’. Paul Walker was not only a great actor but an all round humanitarian as well. He will be missed.

Conan O’Brien

Ever wondered how smart is the guy who has you rolling on the floor with laughter every night? Conan O’Brien majored in history and literature at Harvard University. During his four years at Harvard, he consistently contributed to Harvard Lampoon , a society that published a humor magazine. O’Brien was the only person who served twice as a president of the magazine in 85 years and graduated magna cum laude from Harvard in 1985. Now that’s impressive. Isn’t it?

Natalie Portman

Natalie Portman

“I’d rather be smart than a movie star”, said Natalie Portman. She majored in psychology at Harvard and was enrolled in several graduate courses at Hebrew University in Jerusalem. That’s not it! Natalie can speak six languages and she has made it to the semi finals at Intel Science Talent Search for her work on transforming waste into clean energy. Beautiful, talented and environmentally conscious, what more could you ask for.

Ben Stein

Did you know Mr. Stein has written more than thirty books, on finance and self help? Besides being a humorist and TV actor, he is an economist, lawyer, Wall Street Journal and New York Times columnist and a university professor. Ben Stein majored in economics at Columbia and went on to study economics and law at Yale law school, from where he graduated as a valedictorian in 1970. Stein’s list of achievements don’t just end here. He has also had the opportunity of serving as a speech writer and economic advisor for President Nixon and Ford.

Sharon Stone

With an IQ of 154, she won a scholarship to Edinboro University of Pennsylvania at the tender age of fifteen. Sharon Stone majored in creative writing and fine arts. Although she left university before graduation to embark on a career in modeling, the college president describes her as ‘’One of the university’s best students.’’ She is also known for her philanthropic roles. Stone has received Global Conference Institute’s ‘Healthcare Humanitarian Award,’ and is recognized as a leading health care advocate for campaigning for AIDS Research of the American Foundation for AIDS Research. Inspirational? You bet.

Bio: Kim Lee is an Entertainment and career reporter in college and has been working as a freelance writer for Excite Events.

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