5 Things You May Not Have Known about Doctor Who

Peter Capaldi

Doctor Who has been a popular British science fiction TV show that was produced by the BBC in 1963. In the show, the main protagonist, a mysterious figure called “Doctor Who,” travels the universe overcoming evil enemies and saving mankind, accompanied by an ordinary individual as his companion. Over the years, the show has appealed to children, young people and adults, mainly because of its simple moral values, ability to change characters easily and its limitless time frame. Here are few facts you may not know about this TV series that has withstood the test of time and trial:


The Daleks Almost Didn’t Make It into the Show

The show’s producers had some concerns about the introduction of the “Daleks,” the murderous robots that became one of the most popular arch-enemies of the Doctor However, by episode six, the Daleks had proved their case, bringing six million more viewers to the show.

Doctor Who Season 9

The TARDIS Caused a Minor Lawsuit

TARDIS stands for “Time and Relative Dimension in Space,” a craft that serves as both time machine and spacecraft for the Doctor’s travels. The TARDIS has taken the form of a 1960’s era British police call box, at least on the outside. What most viewers may not know is that the famous blue police box was the subject of a trademark battle between the London Metropolitan Police Department and the BBC who began using the police box in all its advertising for the show. In the end, the BBC won the trademark, mainly because the police boxes eventually went out of use.


Two Doctors Married Actresses in the Series

The Doctor Who show was not always all business. Two Doctor Whos ended up marrying actresses who were regulars on the show or played a repeating role. Tom Baker married Lalla Ward, who played Time Lady Romana. David Tennant married Georgia Moffett, who played the Doctor’s daughter, Jenny.


David Capaldi Was a Big Fan as a Child

The actor who played the 12th Doctor Who was obsessed with the show as a child and even published some Doctor Who fan art. Capaldi wrote to the show begging to be made the president of the Doctor Who Fan Club. Years later, the actor was able to snag the lead role in the show, putting his own stamp on the character.


Doctor Who’s Regeneration Began as a Practical Matter

Doctor Who did not start out as an immortal character that could regenerate from one human form to another. The writers were forced to concoct this ability a few years after the show began to accommodate William Hartnell’s leaving the cast. After that time, regenerating into a wide range of physical forms and ages became a regular feature of the show, one that viewers often anticipated with great interest and enjoyment.

Because of the show’s broad range of support and ability to incorporate a variety of contemporary topics into the storyline, audiences are likely to continue to enjoy the exploits of the famous “Doctor” for many years to come. If you need to catch up on the Doctor Who series, visit a site like Pristine Sales and get the DVDs. A long, fascinating series is awaiting you.

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