5 Things That Only Fans of “Red Dead: Redemption” Will Understand

Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead: Redemption became an international phenomenon, and it’s not difficult to understand why. It’s like the best pieces of Far Cry and Skyrim glued together and then set in the Wild West. If, like me, you’ve spent an obnoxious amount of time playing the game and even learned how to fix its bugs, here are a few things that you’ll surely empathize with:


  1. Riding the goddamn horse ad infinitum

Oh, you haven’t bought a flat in the new town you discovered? That’s too bad because you can’t use fast travel to come back to it. Now prepare to ride your horse until your fingers bleed.


  1. The easiest way to part with your money

Since the game is set in the Old West, you can sit down in saloons and play poker or blackjack. This might sound like a good idea until you blow $200 within a few seconds. To avoid losing your hard-earned money, make sure you know poker basics before you sit down at the table. Hell, you may even unlock an extra side quest or something.


  1. Your horse gets high on apples

Isn’t that interesting, that when you’re being chased by a bunch of outlaws and your horse is in full gallop, you just have to give it an apple, and it regains its full stamina within one second? Keep these apples, handy bucko, because they must be putting something special in them.


  1. The stores are closed so take a nap

Has the new power weapon been unlocked at gunsmiths? Now you’re running to pick it up so you can become the ultimate hero or villain and boost your frontiersman alter-ego even more. Oh dear, the store is closed for the night. Go spend your cash elsewhere, cowboy, or better yet, hit the sack and realize that when you wake up, it’s still nighttime.


  1. You can never find a woman

You’re a rich man. Your fame and honor levels are off the scale. You basically conquered the Wild West. And you still can’t hook up with any of the showgirls that appear in the saloon. This is true both in Red Dead: Redemption I and II. It’s not a big deal, but it would be nice to get some intimacy, after skinning twenty wild animals and raiding a few Mexican villages.

So here they are, the strange and funny things about the game. If you want to share other amusing observations about Red Dead: Redemption, please make sure to leave a comment below.


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